London Bridge is Falling Down.

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash


While London Bridge may not actually be falling down, our city is definitely falling. Falling down the dark hole of Brexit. Falling down the sickening hole of knife violence. Falling down into the dark abyss that is the rising rates of those without homes or sufficient incomes.  


Now I myself will not preach that I know the complete ins and outs of what is going on in our city but I do have eyes and ears and I like to believe that I am aware of the events that have been taking place. While I’m also not going to preach that we are the worst city to ever exist (I mean at least women’s choices regarding their bodies aren’t being dictated…Yet), we are certainly not the city we once were. London was a place of excitement, the little apple to the big apple if you like. I remember my Nan and all of her siblings who moved here years ago telling me their versions of the ‘London Dream 


“I remember when they first starting building the motorway,” my nan’s brotherinlaw told me. 


“I came to London to be able to send money home,” my nan’s brother told me. 


London offered jobs and prospects now, in my opinion, it offers violence and instability. It’s scary to think we will be raising future generations in a city where these prospects no longer exist. Us students are now forced to pay for our education. Brexit deepens these fears as we know our children will not know a time when London was a city present in Europe. Instead we will be just that city that chose to leave the EU for no apparent reason.  


London was once a safe city…Now it’s a city where it isn’t safe to walk alone down the street at night, and this is no longer just for women. Young boys are being targeted and attacked and even the elderly are targets. I was out for my boyfriend’s mums birthday meal and a boy pulled out a knife over a cigarette. Twelve and seventeen. These boys were children.  


“Don’t walk on your own at night!” I was warned growing up. 


“Always have your phone on you, call us if youre walking home alone and it is dark!” 


Now…Now we can’t even walk as a group in daylight. A young girl was stabbed in the back in the middle of the day while sitting with her friends. A young boy was stabbed in broad daylight on a packed bus.  


We have increasing numbers of people living on the street, unable to find work or support while our city pumps all its money and resources in to the lost cause known as Brexit. Our city is struggling and it’s a sad reality.  


So while London may not be quite literally falling down, metaphorically in my eyes it certainly is.  

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