Madison’s Rooftop Yoga Summer Series – Launching the 5th of June.

Boost your health, happiness and physical and mental wellbeing this summer with Madison’s feel good rooftop yoga!

Repeat after me: inhale, now exhale. Just writing those words makes me feel more relaxed so I can only imagine the amazing results of physically performing this breathing exercise whilst doing yoga.

Launching on the 5th of June, Madison is launching its rooftop yoga summer series to help you put this to the test. Not only will Madison’s creative and dynamic yoga sequences help to wake you up, they will also ensure you kick start your day with a fun and fiery flow! The practice of yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago and has been adopted and adapted globally by different countries. Bringing the exercise, which focuses on strength building, flexibility and breathing, to London is returning health and happiness warrior Sophie Dear. From the 5th of June, the renowned yoga guru will be teaching her vinyasa flow yoga class at Madison on Wednesdays mornings at 7am up until September. The sessions are guaranteed to help you build strength, flexibility and to improve your balance (thank god as mine is awful!). Oh and it gets better… the hour long open air classes are all set to an incredible backdrop of London’s iconic skyline, with St Paul’s Cathedral being the main attraction. So you can take in these breath taking sights whilst communicating and getting in tune with your body and its energy.

On her personal website, Sophie’s states “My classes are upbeat, creative, fun and very much down to earth.  You will sweat, you will challenge yourself physically and mentally and you will find strength you never knew you had.  This yoga class isn’t about “just stretching”, it is about learning how to move your body in an intelligent way that makes you feel strong, empowered and ready to take on the world.  It’s about connecting to your body and your breath in a mindful way, a way that brings you joy, love and inspiration.” To me, all of this sounds beautiful! Initially I was a bit apprehensive about signing up *my first – and only – experience with yoga involved me accidentally signing up to an advanced class and failing terribly, I’m talking the sweats, the shakes, everything unsexy…* but the fact that Madison’s yoga classes account for all levels, including beginners, means that myself and others don’t have anything to worry about. Yoga is also friendly for all ages, young and old, so use this opportunity to try something new or try something that you love but in a new environment!

Classes are a very reasonable £16.50 per session (or £150 for 10 classes) and guests are asked to bring their own mat. All that is left to do is to book your spot and come armed with a big smile, positive vibes and your own exercise gear.

For more information, visit:

If Madison’s summer yoga series inspires you to go again, check out the NHS website for the main UK yoga associations and classes near you:

Nearest Train Station: London Cannon Street – then a 5 minute walk

Nearest Tube Station: Bank or St Pauls – then a 5 minute walk

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