Met Gala 2019: Best Dressed

The First Monday in May known for being the most fashionable day of the year. Celebrities woo us by dressing up according to the Met Gala’s annual theme. This year’s theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion, based on the essay by Susan Sontag which summarised camp as being fashionably in bad taste. It is exaggeration, theatrics and playfulness. This year the celebrity attendees went all out, resulting in perhaps one of the most successful year’s in Met Gala history. Here are just a few who I feel completely nailed the camp aesthetic.

Instagram: @ladygaga

Lady Gaga kicked off the event in not just one, but four different outfits designed by Brandon Maxwell. She completely embodied camp in her entrance putting on a theatrical performance involving umbrellas, a 90s style mobile phone and posing eccentrically rolling around on the pink staircase. She completely won the night to such an extent that Anna Wintour stated that everyone else should just go home.

Instagram: @jaredleto

Craziest accessory of the night goes to Jared Leto for fulfilling my hopes that someone would come in a look inspired by Gucci’s Autumn/Winter 2018 runway. Leto attended the Gala with the perfect date, a head in hand which replicated his own face. This accessory perfectly encompassed the theatrics and humour intended by a camp theme. His headline worthy accessory was amplified further by the red flowing gown draped in diamonds, perfectly creating an androgynous look.

Instagram: @theebillypoter

Billy Porter also brought a show-stopping theatrical spectacle to the Met Gala’s pink carpet with an entrance perfect for Cleopatra. He was carried in by six shirtless men all dressed in gold jewels, only to step off to reveal an outfit as incredible as the entrance. The gold wings and Ancient Egyptian theme created an exciting take on camp with its non-Western inspiration.

Instagram: @dualipa

Dua Lipa’s Versace look was everything camp could ever want: big hair, Elton John and clashing colours and patterns which should be in bad taste but work. The look was a revival of the Elton John print from Versace’s Spring/Summer 1991 all put into a huge billowing dress, skin-tight leggings and heels.

Instagram: @darrencriss

The Boy George-esque look radiated in Darren Criss’ Balmain outfit brought the masculine and feminine to camp. The untraditional shaping of the outfit, accompanied with a huge bow and sparkling jacket creates a cool and fun camp look. Criss also rocked one of the best make-up looks of the night, bringing the androgyny of camp to the pink carpet.

Instagram: @burberry

Ezra Miller was not going to disappoint at a camp Met Gala. The mask and the make up create a spooky but operatic illusion. The outfit itself is gorgeous with its androgynous elements. The traditionally masculine pinstriped suit and brogues paired with a diamond corset, a red lip and a train create an elegant take on camp.

Instagram: @lilyjcollins

Lily Collins walked down the pink carpet emulating a younger Priscilla Presley. Big hair? I care! The look is dainty and ethereal yet also excessive and loud.

Instagram: @spaceykacey

Nothing says camp like a Moschino Barbie. Musgraves strutted down the pink carpet in head to toe pink accompanied by a hairdryer handbag and sunglasses. Life in plastic… it’s FANTASTIC.

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