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Nowadays phones are basically cameras. Those of us who cannot afford a camera or see no reason as to buy a camera right now can still perfectly use our own phones to take amazing pictures. Currently, I have the Samsung S7 Edge, not even the latest and yet my best photos have been taken on this phone.

There are plenty of benefits to having a phone instead of a camera. The main one being that it’s small and fits in your pocket. The fact that you carry your phone around with you everywhere is a huge benefit given that you are ready to snap a photo at any given time!

Now I’m definitely no expert but here are a few tips to capture that perfect photograph on your phone!

  1. It’s all about the angles

Personally, I prefer landscape and architectural photography. Buildings are just beautiful if you can get a good angle. From my experience, a slight low angle or a side angle is the best to take a picture of a building, but only if it’s a close up shot. If you are far away, then I suggest keeping your phone on an eye-level kind of basis. As you can see below, I have taken these pictures as described above.

  1. Shots – not the drinking kind!

Like I said, I love landscape photography and hence I love taking pictures of nature and the sky! The picture below actually seemed surreal when I first snapped it. The clouds are just gorgeous, the river looks serene and the various buildings and bridge just add to that urban life. How to take a photo like this? It’s easy. You don’t need to go to a place that’s overly known to get a breath-taking photo. Sky pictures: literally aim your phone at the sky and start snapping some pics! To me, with sky photos, I never zoom in – I feel as though that makes the picture blurry or incomplete. Also, I feel as though clouds need to be a must in sky photos. With nature photos, I tend to do super close up shots of flowers or long shots when it’s of a garden or a bunch of trees and flowers together of some sort.

3. Snap away

Okay, so this is something I learnt in GCSE Photography and kinda never let it go. Take as many pictures of the same thing as possible! I take hundreds of pictures of one thing and it honestly sometimes stresses me out at the thought of having to go over it later. By go over it, I mean choosing your best photos – your favourites out of all the ones you took! Below are three photographs that essentially look the same. I took these about two weeks ago when I went on the cable cars with my family. I was trying to get as many photos as I could while the car moved.


Whether it’s on an editing app or on instagram, editing photos is just a must for me. It gives me the chance to enhance my photographs. I use this app called Pixlr. I love it and have been using it for years. It’s awesome! I also use instagram edits – personally love Valencia, Perpetua and Clarendon! How to edit your photos? It’s simple; do whatever you think looks right. Crop the photo, play around with the brightness, contrast or saturation of your picture and perhaps even add in a colourful hue or filter to completely change your photograph for the better! I have very subtly edited these photos below using Instagram.

Okay, so maybe these aren’t exactly tips but just a few suggestions of taking photographs from my personal experience. Like I said, I am no expert. I just love photography and snapping photos – honestly, my phone is in my hand 24/7 when I’m out, ready to take a photo whenever the opportunity strikes!

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