A Thousand Words

I love taking photos. My phone never leaves the firm grasp of my hand in the case of being able to snap a quick photo of an amazing building or some pretty flowers.

I have never really thought of the reason why I love photography. It has just always been something I’ve done. But I’ve been wondering why for a while and the reason came to me from randomly browsing the internet for a picture of a book that I needed for one of my articles.

Photography is such an extremely personal thing. It’s your perspective of the world – your view, your opinion. A photo can sometimes express a thousand words and you wouldn’t even notice unless you really looked hard enough. Maybe it’s my constant analysing from studying English that has been drilled into my head, but I like to think about what the photographer must have been thinking when taking a photograph.

Here are some photographs I have taken of random buildings, flowers or skies that I have walked pass in our beautiful city. I am always seeing all these beautiful and wonderful sights that people just walk by without appreciating the beauty of it, and so I want to snap a picture and make a memory.

This photograph is from a few days ago when I went to watch Aladdin the play which was absolutely incredible. I quickly took this picture outside the Prince Edward Theatre before rushing inside and only looked back at it once I got home. At first I thought it didn’t look very good and the quality was not the best since it was taken in the late evening where the lighting does not look great. But then I edited it a little on Instagram, just a few tweaks, and really looked at it again. And I noticed the beautiful structure of the building and all the people clambering inside and how the yellow lighting near the doors of the theatre gave everyone an ethereal glow.


I’m sure a lot of us recognise this building – the Queen’s building on campus. Look at how great it looks at night. The building looks like it is glowing and radiating light on to the rest of campus. Also, this will sound a little silly, but can’t you just hear the silence of the night from looking at the photo.



These two photographs were taken during Christmas and a great quirk about winter is that the sun sets pretty darn early and so my phone is always out to snap a few pics. One of them was taken in Oxford Circus as you probably can tell from all the cropped heads and great Christmas decorations. And the other was taken in Winter Wonderland which was magnificent.


I took this photograph coming out of Tottenham Court road station. I was literally walking and constantly pressing the camera button on my phone and hey, I ended up with a decent picture.

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