Dating a Capricorn Girl

I, myself, am a Capricorn girl (I recently even got my sign tattooed on my finger) and I find it so interesting to discover facts about myself especially in relation to my horoscope and my relationship.

Capricorn women are considered to take no bull-sh*t from anyone, they are confident in themselves and will not stand for games in terms of dating- it’s either commitment or nothing at all! They are planners, perhaps over-planners at times, meaning they know what they want and have a plan on how to get it… AKA if you are not part of her plan, you can say bye bye! Sadly, Capricorn women can come across as emotionless and from personal experience, I know that is a fact! Either in romantic or non romantic relationships, I have been able to walk away, no strings attached and never realised how much hurt I caused until it was too late but that’s because I know what I want. I have no time to waste on a relationship I think is going no where! However, this goal-seeking attitude is not only in romantic elements of life but in career based elements too, Capricorns know what they want and work bloody hard to get there. A Capricorn woman is passionate about EVERYTHING she does, she will give her full heart, mind, soul and body to projects to make sure they succeed… its one of our biggest flaws. We want to be the bread winner and to be successful (in whatever terms we believe that to be) so we struggle to accept a backseat in relationships.

Capricorn women will not gloat.

Capricorn women tend not to gloat about their successes, of course they will mention it, but it will just become another part of her check list that she has completed and she will be onto the next thing soon enough! It’s why sometimes, her partner or friends may need to remind her of those successes when she is in a bad place.

Capricorns have a lot of love to give and sometimes, maybe too much! Capricorn women are faithful to the end and will fight for their love because they would not stick around if they did not see a future with their partner. They can be seen as heartless in that case. She needs someone who will not compete against her or try to outdo her successes but rather accept her for who she is and move forward together- Capricorn women NEED team work to function in a relationship. For myself, I know if a partner is not giving me equal love or respect back, I feel extremely unmotivated and unwanted in the relationship, if this continues for a period of time, I have ALWAYS left that relationship. I cannot stand giving 100 percent to something and getting under 50 back! The issue with dating a Capricorn girl though is that she can be emotionally guarded and getting those emotions or thoughts out can be hard (my current boyfriend knows that for a fact!) but that’s only because we want to protect ourselves. You have to build that trust and it will take time, but once that trust is gained, a Capricorn will open up to all and give you everything they have… and I mean everything!

Who are Capricorn women compatible with?

Of course, you cannot live your life by your star sign. You will fall in love with whoever and sometimes the stars do not align, but here are the best partners for a Capricorn:

Virgo (My current boyfriends sign) -Both being earth signs meaning that they are grounded and can make a great team. They both love to invest themselves in projects and can work together or alone on these; for myself and my partner we both build models and that’s something he has taught me and brought us together as a couple! They love to perfect things and pay close attention to details, they both desire tranquillity and a understanding of one another and can both struggle to show their true feelings…(I can agree, extremely accurate!)

Scorpio- Water versus earth here! They work hard at making their romantic and work relationships work out and Scorpio’s are great at making Capricorns open up emotionally. Scorpio’s need to accept Capricorn’s confidence and independence and Capricorn’s need to understand Scorpio’s mood swings- however, this may sound all doom and gloom but they really complement each other!

Pisces- Both signs love each other’s deepness and emotional depth, they both have a good outlook on reality and even through their differences they can make a great combo! Pisces need someone to guide them in life and Capricorns are great planners and leaders, so its a perfect match. Pisces can be childish and must learn to mature around Capricorns.

Taurus- Both earth signs again! They want a more mundane life, can both be possessive but their jealously means they are much more open and honest to one another, they work hard to make things work together. They both struggle with change but when working together they can overcome this.

So when dating a Capricorn woman remember that she desires a lot of trust, time and affection. Before she has even had a second date with you, she will know if you are the one or not so if you are lucky enough to see her again, you are probably in her plan! Learn to love her goal seeking and her desire to succeed and remind her of that very success!


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