Gucci Cruise 2020

Gucci’s Cruise 2020 collection showcased fashion inspired by political oppression whilst also keeping up chic and stylistic appearances. Since Alessandro Michele was appointed creative director of the brand in 2015, Gucci has been known for its obscure and eclectic aesthetic which empowers wearers, and this collection was no different.

The Cruise 2020 collection paid homage to Gucci’s Italian heritage and Michele’s in particular, bringing the show to Rome within the Musei Capitolini. The Roman influence was clearly strong with togas and golden headbands, some with modern twists draped over suits. This theme builds up the idea of empowerment which Gucci loves to celebrate, through the influence of the Roman Empire which was considered to be one of the most powerful in world history. Empowerment continued to flow through other items of the collection with huge headdresses and bright colours playing to the idea that empowerment is all about freely expressing yourself. The huge variety within the collection, with a difference in formalities and a gender-blurring signature style shows that Gucci is for everyone, a true freely expressive brand.

The idea of expression and empowerment was even more apparent in the bold political statements that the Cruise 2020 collection showcased. Michele stated that most of the collection was a direct response to the growing abortion bans across the US, with dresses depicting women’s reproductive systems and blazers stating ‘my body, my choice’. Fashion is and has always been a powerful tool in order to react and raise awareness for important issues, with catwalks almost acting as protest marches. Gucci uses its status to protest against the horrors of the modern world’s attacks on women’s bodies.

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The collection still maintains Michele’s trademark of the grandma chic style, pairing together pieces that look like they should not work together but result in a stylish and unique look. This collection saw Gucci guitar cases in the hands of models wearing chunky knits and wooly tights, propelling the cool aesthetic through the idea of granny rock stars.

Instagram: @gucci

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