London Heights

London’s most commonly known characteristic is its cloud-touching buildings, incredible views and perfect skyline. This guide will introduce some of the most noteworthy, cheapest, places to visit – to see London’ heights for yourself. These places are my personal favourite, all with different views of London with bonus specialities.

Rooftop Film Club

This spectacular open-air cinema has one of the most spectacular views of London, all while watching a film of your choosing. The cinema is perched on the well-known Bussey Building in Peckham, which overlooks the most iconic buildings of London. The cinema also neighbours Bussey Rooftop Bar, where you can stop for drinks and food before or after the film. The cinema also has wheelchair access and wireless headphones to watch the films, which features films such as The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Detective Pikachu and US (Tickets start at £15).

Bussey Rooftop Bar

As mentioned above, this rooftop bar is the highest drinking bar in Peckham, which offers beverages, food and an unrivalled 360-degree views of London’s skyline. Transforming into a summer bar in the hot months and a warm, festive bar in the Winter – it’s a bar that caters for all year. It’s a great stop for friends and drinks, with great deals and glorious sunsets too.

Sky Garden

One of my favourite spots in London is Sky Garden. Its beautiful gardens, views and free entry, makes it a must when sightseeing London’s heights. Commonly known as the ‘walkie talkie’ due to its unique design, the building offers a top floor restaurant with combined views and your choice in what time you wish to visit. Appointments are made on their website with included wheelchair access, to see the views for yourself.

Duck & Waffle

This restaurant, despite its expensive menu, is the tallest 24/7 restaurant in London. The restaurant is based on the 40th level, with floor-to-ceiling windows and designed by award-winning architects, CetraRuddy. It offers views on every iconic space in London, with an added bonus of the bar before or after, the place is a must-see. A great tip is to buy a coffee or juice, as prices can be pricey for the food but well priced for the beverages. Although, if you’re feeling a little more on the fancy side, there are varied menus for the time you attend with great selections on food and cocktails.

Primrose Hill

Although not the highest point in London, Primrose Hill has the best views on London – to see its perfect skyline. The viewpoint starts on top of its hill and a picturesque walk from Camden’s canals, right to the top. Known as a celeb hotspot, the celebrities include Kate Moss, Jude Law to Sylvia Plath in her day. Its fame also came from its residents and London-based celebs, known as the ‘Primrose Hill Set’ during the 1990s, which included Ewan McGregor, Sadie Frost and Davinia Taylor. The views can be seen from 63 meters above sea level from six different viewpoints, where you’ll be able to see attractions such as The London Eye, The Shard and The BT Tower.

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  1. Great article! I recently moved to London and was in need of a few cool spots to check out. These sound like just the ones!

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