Take Pride in the month of June 

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It’s June, the month in which the LGBT community is celebrated globally! It all began in 1969 with the Stonewall Riot in New York where members of the LGBT community stood up against police and homophobes. Fast-forward and, over 40 years laterhere we are! This year, in fact, we are celebrating 50 years of Pride history! We now have the freedom to celebrate such a wonderful community while such a community is also able to celebrate themselves and how far they have come in terms of their rights.  

In London there is a variety of ways we can celebrate the LGBT community throughout this important month, but the one I am excited to share with you is a small company recently developed by entrepreneur Grace Beverley. Grace created, as she likes to refer to it, her baby B_ND Store recently. B_ND Store is an online store where you can buy resistance bands, home work out guides etc. and is amazingly affordable as Grace herself is a university student at Oxford. I am an avid supporter of Grace and her phenomenal achievements however, this month I am in AWE. Grace only started this company a few weeks ago and has already introduced a multi-coloured resistance band in celebration of the LGBT community! As if this wasn’t special enough, Grace is giving 20% of the proceeds to an LGBT charity which helps over 40,000 people each year by offering workshops, counselling and free and safe advice and spaces for the community to meet at. Now, I myself am not a fitness fanatic at all! However, Grace’s company and what she stands for is amazing. 


Grace’s multi-coloured B_ND resistance band for Pride


If this is not your cup of tea, that is absolutely fine! There are a number of other ways to get involved and support the LGBT community this month in London. Why not do a 10k Pride walk on the 9th of June where all proceeds go to support the Pride in London festival and parade. If that’s not your scene either then why not attend the festival and parade, both of which are free of charge. There is also a fabulous musical at Heaven which highlights the heroes of Stonewall and pays tribute to one of the most important weeks in LGBTQ history. Still not your cup of tea? Then open up your Netflix and watch a bit of RU Paul’s Drag race as it will soon be coming to London! No matter what you decide to do, just celebrate how far our LGBT community has come since the 1960s. Celebrate the fact that schools are now teaching young children about LGBT community! This is such an amazing step forwards, and while some London schools are seeing resistance to such topics being taught, we are still making such great progress. Especially when compared with other cities and even countries. 


If you are interested in Grace’s LGBT bands and want to support the LGBT community follow @B_ndstore, Grace @gracefituk or go to http://www.b-ndstore.com

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