The (Un)Bearable Madness of Being: An Introduction

Welcome to our newest column- The (Un)Bearable Madness of Being:

Mental illness has been a chronic part of my life since I was twelve, so, at this rate, you might say that mental illness and I are best frenemies. Over the past few years, Millennials and Generation Z have begun to address mental health with an openness and an honesty that isn’t just refreshing, but also essential. That being said, discussions on mental health seem to focus mostly on both ends of the extreme. Media, particularly online media, are saturated in content that focuses on the succumbing to and/or overcoming of mental illness. While these articles are vital, they also highlight the glaring hole that is the lack of content surrounding the middle ground: the everyday experience of living with a chronic mental illness.

Lots of people who are chronically mentally ill don’t spend most of their days succumbing or overcoming, we just fucking live with it because we have to, and that creates a whole host of both positive, negative and straight up meh experiences. That is what The (Un)Bearable Madness of Being is about, the everyday mundanities, irritancies, oddities and sometimes even joys of living with chronic mental illness.

Now, with that being said, do be aware that this is not, nor will it ever be, a guide. Mental illness is a vast thing, and so are the experiences that come with it. This column will focus on the personal experiences of the chronically mentally ill, and will, therefore, not only differ, but sometimes even contradict. But they are all, and will always be, legitimate. This is a platform for experiences that are neglected in vital discussions on mental health, a place where voices can be heard and the stigmatized can be unpacked. Because of this, the column is also a space that may contain triggering material, so readers are advised to approach these articles with their health in greatest priority (every article will also contain a content warning). First and foremost, however, this will be a space to learn, and to be entertained while doing so! So, join me as we cling on for dear life through the wild ride that is The (Un)Bearable Madness of Being! Who knows what we may find on our way?

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