What’s the box? Introduction to a New Series!

Welcome to this brand-new series on Features! This is my first ever article for CUB, and I hope to engage readers into my thread of fun experiences, life lessons and change by applying the simple rule of ignoring a box, YES, ignoring a box. As vague as it sounds; I have a perfect explanation for this. Read on to find out.

How would you describe a box, in simple words? Well, according to Google, a box is ‘A container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.’ I wrote it in that manner, to avoid plagiarism, LOL 😉. Jokes apart and coming to the point, Google implies that a box is enclosed on all sides and has nothing to flow in or out. This reminds me of a saying which often goes as, ‘Think out of the box’, which is a metaphorical way of saying to think differently and creatively. My inquisitive mind asks why should one’s thinking be compared to a box; why should a ‘box’ be even mentioned in one’s thinking. In fact, ‘What’s the box?’ Creativity knows no boundaries and can happen anywhere. So, let ideas flow in and out and ignore the box!

For most of my life, I have stuck to conventional thinking in complicated situations (or staying inside the ‘box’ to stay safe). But one day, I impulsively changed my route. I decided to peel open the box slightly to search for an alternative way, which was risky, but a ‘good risk’. To my surprise, things worked out and I could tackle the situation efficiently!

One change in yourself is a game-changer in itself. As you gain confidence gradually by peeling each side of the box slowly, the box would disappear on its own and you wouldn’t hesitate to take smart risks. In fact, your ‘risk’, wouldn’t be a ‘risk’, but a fun challenge!

If you’re adventurous, this wouldn’t sound very new to you, but if you’re shy (which I was) and are looking for a transformation in yourself, my experiences of idea cultivation with change might guide you. You can become a pro at something without realising it or even improvise a hobby for yourself. Consider this series as a monologue chat room, if it echoes your thoughts, this is your space, mate!

Happy Reading! 😊

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