I am a broken woman with a dark secret that has to be held together so that no one else I love dies (except for me)

I went to my therapist to say that I’m queer

She said she deals with Muslim men and their homosexual desires

And I said ‘little boys’ —

On a tv show, “Darling, I don’t care

If you acquire a taste for young boys

when we’re older I’ll still love you!”

She said we’ve got something for you in East London and he said

He worships his sisters platonically

And I said you’re pussy too

And they said it’s natural for men to dominate us

And the Prophet said don’t stare into young boy’s eyes

They’re more seductive than the heavenly consorts

And God said sodomy is a sin

And I said you’re pussy too

In our houses we wear scarves around our necks

With each long end covering our chests so that

When our uncles or fathers or brothers

Look at us, they won’t rape us.

Pussy is passive

A warm embrace

When they had sex, these two older women,

They went around the house looking for things to put in her pussy

Socks, rulers, papers, ornaments, trinkets, small things.

Pussy stretches to make a home for them.

Pussy feels full. She washes them clean with her honey.

They kiss goodbye, put everything back, and go home to their husbands.

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