London’s Most Instagram Worthy Cinemas

London’s Most Instagram Worthy Cinemas


You can lie and say you’re not bothered, but you totally care about your Instagram. Whether a fresher and ‘gramming your way through a new city, trying to improve your ‘online presence’ for that Zara job application, or simply like photography – we all love the aesthetically pleasing hotspots. Obviously, London has a few. But, the most overlooked Instagram worthy places are, surprisingly, cinemas. Although you may wonder, how will an Odeon or a Vue help gather the most likes and envious layout for your feed? Well, these venues not only have the best movies, ranging from the golden oldies to your more recent Angry Birds, but they also have Instagram-worthy views. Whether cruising down the Thames while watching Pretty Woman or escaping a maze before sobbing over The Holiday for the thousandth time, there is a cinema for you.


Everyman Cinemas

Not only does this venue boast a picturesque exterior with its Grade II listed building, the interior is where the greatness lies. Wrapped in neoclassical art deco, retro neon signs and aesthetic furniture – this place is a must for your ‘gram. Whether just simply popping in or attending one of their events, it’s a definite spot for your Instagram page.A must-see event is Galentines Day, where on your arrival you’re presented with candy-floss prosecco, a goody bag of macrons and a screening of Legally Blonde. There’s also the chance to have a manicure in a pop-up nail shop within the cinema and a nibble at their extensive menu. All in all, considering the neon-lights, 20s décor and fries…8/10 


Movies on the River

Although not the most conventional cinema spot, Time Out really brings the romance and scenery to this location. This ‘cinema’ includes a scenic cruise along the river Thames, where you’ll be able to see London’s famous sights – whilst ending the night with one of your favourite movies. The cruise takes place at sunset, where you’ll eventually dock up to cuddle up on the open-air top deck to watch the film behind a darkening sky. Time Out offers to films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Grease and countless picturesque moments, definitely a…9/10


Backyard Cinema

By far my favourite, this cinema mainly centres its locations and décor around the theme of its films. With many locations and genres to choose from, they currently have ‘L.A Nights’ in Camden, ‘The Winter Night Garden’ at Wandsworth and ‘Romeo + Juliet’ set in the Union Chapel in Islington. If set on a home-made beach, or on grassy terrain with bean bags – it has something for everyone. Some locations consist of mazes as entrances to the cinema, with some great photo opportunities at every turn. If you like aesthetically pleasing décor and fun – this is definitely the cinema for you…10/10

Bussey Rooftop Film Club

This open-air cinema located in Peckham has one of the most spectacular views of London – all while watching a film of your choosing. Perched on the well-known Bussey Building which overlooks the most iconic buildings of London, this cinema features films such as The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Detective Pikachu and US. The cinema also neighbours Bussey Rooftop Bar, where you can stop for drinks and food before or after the film. The cinema, with accompanying neon signs and vintage-type snacks is a great place to photograph for the gram…7/10.



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