One of London’s greatest landmarks

A few weeks ago, I went to visit one of London’s historical landmarks – the Tower of London. It’s strange that in spite of living in this wonderful city my whole life, I have never actually seen a lot of the beautiful attractions it has to offer.

Of course while I was there I had to snap a few photos!

My favourite photograph from my tour of the Tower of London would be this one. To many it seems like a bunch of boring buildings. However, I remember walking through all these buildings, all connected in some way and surprising me with every twist and turn. One of the many things I like in this picture is the lighting. The sun was beaming down and yet blocked off by the several buildings, which only allowed a few rays of natural light to seep through the cracks and corners of the buildings.

This photograph was taken from a slight high angle to capture as much of the scenery in one shot. I love how ancient the buildings look – the grey stone texture and the statues of the lions really radiates off a medieval vibe. The people in the photo seem so tiny in contrast to the towering buildings looming over them.

I actually love this photo. It’s of a doorway and it’s somewhat absurd that I would stop to take a picture of a door. But I couldn’t help myself; I like taking pictures of everything. There were several of these doorways leading us to different parts of all the connected buildings in the Tower of London. I felt like I was in a castle with all the steps and turns of each ancient building. When I look at this particular photograph, it makes me feel like I have time-travelled back a few centuries. Maybe it’s all the medieval drama I love watching!

Not only did I take a tour around the Tower of London, but I also went on a Thames River Cruise. It was an altogether ticket with a great deal!

Almost all my photographs during the cruise are from a low-angle. The Tower Bridge was my favourite thing to capture during the cruise and sightseeing. The sky was so ridiculously blue that day and a perfect accessory for my photos.

I love the sky in this photograph. The sun was so bright, I practically captured this photo with my eyes closed. The clouds blocking the suns dazzling rays and the various hovering heads make the bridge and all the little figures seem so small.

I’m not always taking pictures of buildings and scenery. I like people too. One of my favourite people to take pictures of is my best friend. Isn’t she a beauty! The first photo was in fact a candid – she was getting ready to pose and I had already clicked. When I looked back at it, I thought she looked great, especially with the light breeze blowing at her hair and dress. I like taking close shots when taking photos of people because all their features and beauty show. I love how the shadow of her eyelashes are cast across her cheekbones and how the background of the buildings meld well with her tanned complexion to create a beige hue.

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