What will September bring?-Horoscopes for the new academic year!

September begins. Students prepare to go back to university and the pressures of studying again hit like a ton of bricks… or a ton of academic journals. So I think we are all in need of some reassurance and what better place to find some comfort than our astrological signs.

ARIES: September is quiet for you (aren’t you lucky!) Just chill out, take the first month of university calmly and use your enthusiasm and intuition to make friends… you’ll need them when thins begin to pick up the speed in January!

TAURUS: Mercury is at 120 degrees ahead of you which means you’ll be on top of your work load which is a great start to the academic year! Do small actions that do not challenge personal power, perhaps organise your study time table or read ahead for your lectures.

GEMINI: September is a time to move slowly with your desires- we know how you Geminis can get- so perhaps take the clubbing scene a tad slower and don’t give EVERYONE your phone number!

CANCER: Your September might be a little slow but communication will pick up meaning you’ll meet new people and make long-lasting connections. Try to go to as many social events as possible especially during Freshers.

LEO: Leo’s you have a fiery month ahead of you, take actions and make your presence known.. but that won’t be too hard for you! However, be careful of impulsive actions, you may get into trouble or sticky situations, so have fun but always have a plan.

VIRGO: This is your month to shine! You’ve got a ton of energy and high self esteem heading your way, so rock those new outfits. However, if you are an early Virgo (first half of the Virgo spectrum) moodiness is on the cards, perhaps be aware of how people will perceive your high self esteem, try to not make enemies.

LIBRA: Grace and beauty is heading your way! You are affectionate, attractive and sensuous so prepare people chatting you up and showing off their peacock feathers! If you are single, ENJOY BEING SINGLE! Enjoy the attention, lap it up while it lasts… however, no promises on the quality of those trying to get your attention so be weary.

SCORPIO: Be careful of angry and explosive situations, people will be more argumentative around you and unless you’re part of the debate team, you will not want to deal with it. Let your wisdom protect you and be aware, do not give in to petty arguments.

SAGITTARIUS: A sense of organisation is heading your way- perfect for starting off the academic year! To be successful, go slow, do not take on too much at once.. at Freshers enjoy what on offer but perhaps don’t sign up to everything because you simply will not have the time! Lighten up and try to not focus too much on university work, it’s only the first month back!

CAPRICORN: Work related success but let’s be honest, we all know Capricorn is a grinder! You will have a good fall season, reap what you have already sown the previous academic year and sow new seeds for the future. Remember Karma works highly in your favour so put in the effort!

AQUARIUS: FREEDOOMMM! You will be feeling a new sense of freedom, which at university could mean you’ve moved out and are staying on campus or you just feel more like an adult! Open up to new things, try new hobbies and meet new people! You’re a new spirit!

PISCES: Don’t be lazy, let yourself expand and enjoy your new surroundings! Don’t just order takeaways and stay in your dorm, explore London with new people!

If you do not believe in horoscopes, try to take them with a pinch of salt! Enjoy your first month back at university or your first month EVER at university… and maybe come on by and see CUB at the Freshers fair!


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