Best Editing Apps

Taking photographs can sometimes be difficult because they don’t come out the way you want them to or the way we imagined. But that’s what we have editing apps for. I love editing photos and recently I’ve been exploring a range of editing apps which are completely free.


Pixlr is all about enhancing what is already beautiful. There are general tools to simply brighten or increase the saturation of your photos. You can create great collages in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, Pixlr has a variety of effects that you can apply to your pictures to lean towards a more Photoshop style photograph. The app has recently updated and it now has a templates section that I love!

Here are some of my edits using this app and also shamelessly promoting CUB and our Photography section: WRITE FOR US!


PicsArt is awesome!

It’s of course free. The app is different to Pixlr and the usual tools I would normally use to edit my pictures. PicsArt is funky and fun to play around with. It has all these cool edits to apply to your photos – it completely changes your picture and makes a more creative version of it that we could only imagine. I experimented with this app for a while – I used all the effects and my favourites were: oil painting, pastel, cartoonizer and comic. There is a range of incredible effects that you can alter your photographs with.

Here are a few examples:


This app is super cool. I had a lot of fun experimenting and playing around with the tools. The app is mainly about creating canvases and collages. It has several functions such as templates, one of my favourites being the instagram templates. They are funky templates that are picturesque and trendy and completely for the purpose of posting on Instagram. In addition to the instagram templates, there are several others that can also be posted on different social medias for instance the invitation or events templates.

Here is what I have come up with so far and am definitely going to continue to use in the future for upcoming CUB events.

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