Let’s go down the political rabbit hole

For the past few months, discussions of Brexit, Climate Change and Trump have hit new highs. With Boris’ no-deal plans to leave the European Union, Trump’s emerging NATO summit visit within London and the on-going climate crisis – it’s becoming increasingly harder to feel heard in our lives. As a young student and a keen activist, I believe it’s important for each individual to get involved and to be heard. By living in London, we are the central location for the most important events, such as the 2019 NATO Heads of State Summit and the upcoming Brexit disaster – and to turn our heads would be to turn our heads to our future. We, as the people and our voice, must be heard. Our freedom of speech must be utilized, so we can display our anger and passion for these issues.

As written below, here are some upcoming protests that will allow your voice to be heard – so we can march our way to a better future.

People’s Vote March

The next march and, in my opinion, the most important is the Peoples Vote March. Due to Boris’ remarkable ineptitude at handling the PM role, or dealing with Brexit, it is imperative to display our unhappiness at our current political situation. Although 51% of the UK wished to leave, the other half were left to protest and demonstrate their anger through countless marches and rallies. So, this October we have one last chance to show our discontent. Through numerous rallies across the country, the historic march will end in London on the 19th of October at Parliament Square. It will include speeches from politicians to celebrities, who can understand the struggles of the people and who wish to change the future of our country.

No to Trump – No to NATO – London Demonstration

Although Brexit has become the main factor in the mind of every UK citizen, it can’t be forgotten that during the period of December the NATO Heads of State summit will be held in London. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, brought together by armies of various countries – including Britain and the United States. NATO is said to be “an aggressive and expansionist nuclear and military alliance” which “plays a dangerous global role… it’s still in Afghanistan 18 years on and is expanding into Latin America.” Donald Trump will be set to accompany the other Heads of State, which would allow a perfect opportunity to oppose Trump’s “nuclear warmongering and interventionist agenda”. The protest has been organised by the ‘Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’, who will later set a date and location once they have been announced, but for now it is to be taken place within the December period.

There are so many other protests and rallies to get involved with all over London. Whether it was the recent Climate Change Strike, or if you’re planning to attend one as described above – I think it’s great to share your voice and opinion in a safe manner.  Remember to demonstrate peacefully and lawfully, while also expressing your feelings to the masses.





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