Treviso – Ever heard of it?

Only less than thirty minutes away on the train from Venice is a charming little city hidden in the corner of Northern-eastern Italy. Treviso: a city of canals and beautiful buildings and quaint cafes.

I had never heard of the city before until I searched for other cities to visit while in Venice that is a train ride away. Treviso was gorgeous; it’s the kind of place you go to for a day trip and it’s so small that you can tour the whole city in one day. It’s full with colourful, old buildings and shimmering lakes and small valley-like pathways that lead to different corners of the city.

Of course I had to take pictures!

This is such a picturesque and satisfying picture. Honestly, looking at this view makes me want to live in a peaceful neighbourhood like this. The pastel colours blend well with the concrete ground that actually looks like marble. I love the little tent things that hang over the front of the buildings – I feel like it lures you in and captures the tranquillity that this place alluded. This photograph is the epitome of that cliché white-picket fence house everyone wants.

The several canals and lakes were stunning in Treviso; they literally circled the city and seeped through the crooks and crannies. Everything about this city screamed peace and calm. I think it’s definitely the kind of place you’d run off to for a romantic weekend. I love how the water is so amazingly clear that you can see the reflection of the white buildings and odd trees. This is the kind of view that takes your breath away.

This is the same view with the addition of my sister – she’s like my travel buddy. I love how almost everything is blue; from the light blue sky, to the shimmering lake and right down to my sister’s blue dress.

This place is near the Piazza dei Signori which is the central square of the city. Photography is all about perspective – what you see, how you see it, why you see it. Here I see the castle-like shadow of a building upon another, I see how small the people are in contrast to the towering statue and I see the small puffs of clouds floating in the sky. Maybe you will see something different and something I didn’t even notice while capturing this photo.

As I mentioned before, Treviso was full of little valley-like pathways that led me deeper into the city. I like how narrow the pathway looks when it really wasn’t. This photo was taken from a slight low-angle to highlight the stone ground and how it went a little up-hill. From the fairly close up yet medium shot, you can tell how close the buildings are to one another and also appreciate how the buildings and pretty much the whole road is more than a little slanted.

This is the inside of a small Chinese restaurant. It was super cosy and cute and I just love a well-decorated restaurant. Treviso is littered with cafes, restaurants and bars. This is a definitely recommended place to visit if you get hungry – the portions are large and the prices are ridiculously cheap.

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