Stepney’s Green Heart

Wander around the streets of your neighbourhood, walk around 15 minutes down White Horse Lane and you will smell the countryside. Enter by the little door at the beginning of Stepney Way, a sign will welcome you by saying: “coffee this way”, and here it is, Stepney City Farm.  



If you need a break from the busy life of campus, or you are just curious to discover the hidden faces of London, the city farmsare worth seeing. 


It might have surprised you that I talked about several farms, but London has a good number of local rural land. But, today I will talk about Stepney City Farm for one simple reason -I want to encourage you to support the local initiative of your neighbourhood. If you are a fresher or associate student, it will help you to get integrated into the life of the city. So, put on your shoes, take you raincoat, and go for a Saturday walk in the countryside of London. 




You may wonder why I picked Saturday? I know it seems odd, but it’s “market day” at the farm. If you are a bit concerned by environmental issues, you’ve probably noticed that we need to change the way we consume goods – especially food. While most of the big stores import their goods, the “Farmers Market” provide you local and fresh products without plastic packaging. So, save the earth, go to Stepney city Farm market. 



If you have stopped to do your food shopping, why not have a look at the artists’ works? Indeed you can have a peek in the art studio which is in action, most of the time, on Saturday afternoon. And if you fancy a little gift for yourself, or for someone else, you can buy some of the art works in the farm shop as well as other merch from the farm.

Doing your food and gift shopping might be tiring, don’t worry the Humble Bee Café is here for you. It is situated next to the farm shop and will provide you with a range of yummy food, sandwiches, toast, slice of cake… most of them for less than £7. In addition, the place is very cosy and quiet, ideal if you need to switch off from the stressful student life. 



Speaking of stress relief activities, the animals are here to provide happiness (only if you treat them with respect). You can see them from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 a.m to 4 p.m. There are, among others, pigs (with babies), donkeys, sheep, goats and cute fluffy bunnies. So, don’t be shy and go pet them. 



Finally, I think it is worth mentioning that the farm is also working as a charity. For example, it helps through the animal and Nature wellbeing program and isolated people from the local community to have access to social integration. 

Now the Saturday walk has come to an end, I hope you enjoyed the discovery you made of the Stepney City Farm. I highly encourage you to continue to go there and bring your friends and family along. The more people that go to the farm, the more the farm can grow. When the farm grows it improves the life of other people from the neighbourhood, it is a positive circle in which every student can play a role. 


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  1. Super article qui donne envie d’aller voir ce petit coin de paradis.
    Merci pour l’adresse.

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