Milan Fashion Week Spring 2020

Milan Fashion Week has always been a proponent of gracefulness, beauty and a celebration of culture. This season was largely no different, with shows exploring femininity and women within their own artistic spheres.

instagram: @moschino

Moschino explored the long held view that fashion is art, the inspiration behind Jeremy Scott’s collection was Picasso and his muses. The collection showcased all that makes fashion: art, culture, music, creativity etc. All presented it in a bold and striking way. The models stepped through huge golden frames dressed in Picasso style looks bursting with colours and obscure shapes. The show saw many of the models turned into objects, yet objects of creativity, as seen above with Kaia Gerber dressed a musical instrument. These looks show Scott’s idea of the artist and their muse, by turning his own muses (the models) into his own objects of artistic expression.

instagram: @luisabeccaria

Luisa Beccaria explored the femininity of an Italian summer. The collection presented its wearers’ as well-manner, graceful women of any age who want to enjoy the summer in a playful yet dignifying manner. It explored the perfect summer with a soundtrack of girls giggling and birds chirping creating the ideal relaxing and fun break. The runway featured two games of Badminton played either side of the catwalk with nets made of lace, further enhancing the femininity of the collection and the perfect accompaniment to the court-side chic aesthetic of many of the looks.

instagram: @blumarine

Blumarine showcased femininity as kind, romantic and elegant. The catwalk was covered in roses, the designer Anna Molinari’s favourite flowers, creating the perfect graceful and girly accompaniment to the clothes. The collection was filled with dainty, silk slip dresses adorned with intricate lace detailing. The looks almost felt perfect for the most popular girls at school, like a Scream Queens type aesthetic, yet with a sweet and caring attitude about them. They are for the popular girls, but the popular girls who are respectful and nice.

instagram: @iceberg

Iceberg broke away from Milan Fashion Week’s graceful, artistic and dainty aesthetic. As a collection which normally shows in London it brought irony and fun to Milan, with a sporty collection filled with sequins and neons. It’s a collection which stands out, which is entirely what designer James Long wanted. He designs for the influencer, those who want to stand out on social media yet still follow a strict sportswear inspired uniform.  The clothes are meant to be photogenic, if you scrolled past them on Instagram the colours would stand out and make you stop, the perfect marketing tool in today’s fashion climate.

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