Wait, Disco is Alive? “Still Beating!” says Flora Medford

Photo by Sophie Harbinson

Last Saturday, Brixton Disco Festival returned to Electric Brixton for another night celebrating all things contemporary disco. The first event, held last April, was in such high-demand that the organisers gave us a one-off ‘encore’ this Autumn. The disco revitalisation is being felt in waves across the U.K, but nowhere more than London. Events like this are selling out fast, with people being drawn, more so than ever, to the guarantee of feel-good music. Brixton Disco Festival celebrated two of the biggest names in the neo-disco community: Soul Clap and Dimitri From Paris. These two DJs are dominating the scene and are huge contributors to the increased popularity of nights like these. 

Photo taken by Sophie Harbinson 12/10/19 @ Electric Brixton

The event was a late one – starting at 10pm and thumping on until 5 in the pale blue morning. After a bit of a clunky entry, we eventually got in by about 1.30am. The Brixton Chamber Orchestra instantly lifted the mood from the drizzly, cold one outside, playing disco classics in their 5-piece band. After weaving through the bodies on the busy staircase, we came to the opening of Electric Brixton’s incredible main room. Ornate bannisters were lit up by the gigantic disco ball spinning dizzily in the centre. We caught the end of Dimirti’s set, who had thoroughly excited the ever-growing crowd who were in eager anticipation for the headline act of the night – Soul Clap. Both DJs provided the kind of disco beats worthy of techno-esc repetition all night long. As with most events like this, the crowd was warm and friendly: everyone danced with everyone and nobody was left out. The pulsing lights created tableaux of united partying. 


Photo taken by Sophie Harbinson 12/10/19 @ Electric Brixton

No effort was spared for the set-design, staging, or performers. Whilst the roller girls wearing neon bobs and sequins were bordering on tacky, they were nonetheless very entertaining. And whilst credit had been given where credit’s due to the music and organisation of the night, you can’t ignore the massive helping-hand the incredible venue of Electric Brixton gave. After undergoing a rejuvenation back in 2010, this venue has become a hot-spot for everything entertainment related. Located in the heart of Brixton, it’s the perfect venue for gigs and DJ events. 


Although Soul Clap will be spending the next few months touring globally, they’ll undoubtedly be returning to the U.K., with such a high demand for them here. But you can satiate your neo-disco cravings at XOYO in January where Dimitri From Paris will be hosting their habitual Pleasurehood night. Also don’t forget to keep up to date with all the exciting gigs, events, and DJs coming up at Electric Brixton. Dates have already been announced for the next Brixton Disco Festival: 2nd May 2020 – see you there. 


Photo’s credited to Sophie Harbinson

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