Accessories? Let’s Add Glitter, Crystals and Pearls

Christmas is coming! I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t been wearing glitter and crystals on my face to classes this semester, but I am going to say that you should join me on my quest to plaster every inch of my face in glitter and crystals. We are still running hot off the trails of Euphoria and I am now wearing wild eyeliner, crystals on my eyebrows and glitter on my cheeks to university (and to the gym that one time). Here are some glitter products I recommend you use to make sure your face is looking extra fierce and snatched this coming Christmas. 

Lemonhead.LA: Spacepaste (Mulholland) (£20.00)

I must first profess my love for how this brand has achieved the impossible with their mess-free glitter. That’s one small step for a woman, one giant leap for the beauty community. It’s amazing: it’s full coverage, seriously thick and highly concentrated. This glitter paste can be used on both the face and body. What makes it even greater is that it dries quickly and there is virtually no fallout as it stays in place. How can this glitter paste get better? Oh yes, it’s vegan and cruelty-free. This glitter product ticks boxes left, right and centre. Using brushes from Morphe M203, I pack on the glitter and once it’s dry I shape it with an M115 spoolie. 

Lemonhead.LA: Spacejam (Crystal Tokyo) (£26.00)

The Lemonhead.LA Spacepaste was just the first level. The Spacejam incorporates different glitter shapes and colours, taking your standard glitter look to the next level which we’re all about here at CUB! I chose ‘Crystal Tokyo’ as my first Spacejam for its blend of gold, silver and lavender with diamond shaped glitter, perfect for any night out in London. My next acquisition will either be ‘Seapunk’ for its chunky aquamarine and emerald glitter particles or ‘Paradise Cove’ as the hexagonal gold chunks will be perfect for the winter festivities. I highly recommend you guys pick up one of these glitter pastes!

Stila Cosmetics: Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow (Into the Blue) (£24.00) 

If you’re anything like myself, you like to make sure that when you’re having fun with glitter, you’re making the least mess possible otherwise the clean-up is a nightmare. Stila Cosmetics does not fail me then when it comes to the formula of their glitter eyeshadows. Application is simple: take the applicator wand and apply it to your eyelid then blend. These glitter eyeshadows are rich and saturated in colour, as well as also being long-lasting. They are worth experiencing, so make sure you grab one from the plethora of shades available.

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NYX Professional Makeup: Glitter Primer (£8.00) 

Every glitter artist must prepare their canvas before packing on loose glitter pigments, otherwise you’re in for a little nightmare. Therefore, I recommend the NYX ‘Glitter Primer’. This baby keeps everything in place; you’ll be looking more snatched than sloppy! It’s easy-to-use and lightweight, thus ensuring the glitter clings on to your skin until you’re ready to remove it with make-up remover. I wouldn’t even call it a primer, I would call it “glitter glue”. This is one of the most comfortable glitter primers I have come across. Make sure this is in your kit if you’re a glitter baby. 

NYX Professional Makeup: Face & Body Glitter (Silver) (£6.00) 

Now that we’ve primed our lids with our favourite glitter glue, let me introduce you to one of my favourite loose glitter pigments. This can be used in conjunction with the more subdued make-up looks or on its own for a show-stopping effect. There are so many shades to match your mood and style. I’ve applied this absolutely everywhere: on the cheeks, all over the lid, in my hair, my eyebrows and more! My favourite is ‘Silver’ as it can be used in such versatile ways, I can get away with wearing it to class and I can show up to every clubbing event doused in this loose glitter pigment and no one will bat an eye. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Loose Glitter (Mystic Teal) (£15.00) 

Another favourite loose glitter pigment pot of mine is by Anastasia Beverly Hills. In particular, I love their ‘Mystic Teal’ shade: it’s hypnotic, sophisticated and dazzling. Plus an amazing bonus is it’s non-irritating. Whilst it can be used with a glitter adhesive, I am a fan of mixing it with a cream eye shadow on the eyelids, it just adds that extra element of glamour. 

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3CE: Sparkling Liquid Pigment (Mystique & Royal Almond) (£12.55) 

This was the first glitter product to be introduced to my make-up kit, more importantly, it’s still a staple for me. It’s my favourite as it’s a mess-free, water-based pigment that adds a little sparkle and pearl to the eyes. It’s a very versatile product as it can be used as both an eyeliner and eyeshadow. Out of all the glitter products I will mention in this article, this gel texture provides the smoothest application, and has strongest holding power. The fact that it’s long-lasting and highly-resistant to oil and sweat has made this my go-to glitter product. 

3CE: Eye Switch Pot (Betting) (£14.07) 

A recent edition, this little jar container holds a glitter that is easy to apply and gives you an excellent amount of colour payoff. These iridescent shadows are strong and have a long-lasting effect. It’s also multi-purpose and can be used for both the body and eyes. My favourite is ‘Betting’ due to its colour payoff. I just take my fingers or a blending brush and swipe it across my lid and lower lash line. It’s pinkish hue and romantic vibes will have you ready for any date! 

PHOGARY: Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers (£8.99) 

I’m a rhinestone fiend! I got this set because it came in fifteen different colours and also came in five different sizes. I usually just create a little puddle of eyelash glue, use the tweezers to dip the bottom of the rhinestones in the glue, wait for it to become tacky, then place them on my face. It’s simple. The patterns, designs and options are endless! You can live your best Euphoria moment with this set. 

Syntego: Self-Adhesive Pearl Gems (£3.50)

This is another recent addition to my kit. Who said you can only stick rhinestones and glitter to your face? Why not add pearls? So obviously I did. I used the same method to apply them as I did with the rhinestones. Go ahead and play around with these gems!

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DUO: Quickset Striplash Adhesive Clear (£5.99) 

The lash glue I recommend for applying gems, rhinestones and pearls, is Duo’s ‘Quickset Striplash Adhesive Clear’. It works like a charm and will ensure your your facial gems will stay on for hours on end. It also dries clear, so feel free to make mistakes, but not too many otherwise it will become rather sticky. 

Boots: Slanted Tweezers (£1.90) 

Last, but not least, you need a simple pair of tweezers to apply gems. I opted for slanted tweezers as they have a better grip on the gems, and you can use the sharper side for better grip on the smaller ones, just be careful when using them near your eyes as we don’t want any tweezers being jabbed into eyes here!

Now, that I have revealed the products and tricks I use for my make-up ‘accessories’, I encourage you to experiment with glitter, crystals and pearls. Rock those sparkles! 

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