Baby it’s cold outside

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It’s cuffing season and the boys passing by are looking like a snack. It’s that time of the year – you’re lonely, vulnerable and feeling the pull to cuddle. 

For those who don’t know what cuffing season is, the urban dictionary helpfully defines it as when ‘the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be ‘cuffed’ to another individual.’ Not to say that it is unavoidable. That is the basic definition of why people do it, but not necessarily why everyone does it.

With cuffing season comes the anxiety and stress to pair off before the snow settles. 

It starts with the month of October, the tryout stage, which includes selecting your final ‘candidates’. Then comes December, and if you are not in a relationship by then, you have officially failed the process of cuffing. Although cuffing season can be seen as a bad thing, here is potentially some good you could benefit from. In the winter more people put work into creating good profiles on dating apps or branching out to find the perfect partner to spend the holidays with, so people looking for a short-term relationship can dedicate time to finding a partner. Cuffing can be fun for both parties and a good way to distract if both parties are aware of the ‘universal deadline’ of their relationship. It seems to be a good temporary solution. 

Photo by Nathan Walker on Unsplash

However, let’s not forget one of the most important parts of cuffing season: your ex sliding into your DM’s. This can easily lead to a slippery slope. 2 weeks after your breakup was not enough time to make them realise how good you were, but the sudden slip in temperature has…after 6 months of course. Don’t fall for ‘the ex- trap’; it begins with a flirty comment or even an emoji. What’s funny is the fact that the temptation to text them is strong, even while knowing the fact that you are doing so much better off without them. Some people choose their ex because of comfort and convenience. It seems like a good idea at the time, but he or she is your ex for a reason. Let it stay that way. 

There are significant testers to your relationship. However, being a plus one to a New Year’s party is not one of them. Even with the new year’s kiss. Although New Year’s seems like an important holiday, it is inconsequential as it still runs in the winter season. This holiday does not come with as much value as Valentine’s seems to. Valentine’s day is a huge testing bump – if you break up before this indicative day then you were never meant to be, and this was only a fling. However, if you somehow do last longer the dooming day of February 14th … then congratulations are well in order! But it only means you will last a week or two longer than the average couples who get together in December. Meaning a prolonged cuffing relationship. 

Overall, cuffing season can come with a lot of pressure. The pressure from social media and societal pressures to be in a relationship at a certain age can push people towards keeping this trend alive. Apps like Instagram mean you can‘t ignore all the ‘way too cute to be real’ couples, especially for anyone hitting the #couplegoals hashtag during winter. This is a guarantee. Media presentation of the winter praises the art of getting into romantic relationships at the expense of excluding all those who are single. 

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