How to meet new people in London

Studying at university while living at home (a topic I have touched on in a previous article), can make life very difficult in terms of meeting new people. Now, I’m not talking about meeting people for romantic purposes as I’m sure we all know there are many means now to do so. Tinder is huge! But, I sat one day during the summer break and contemplated how there wasn’t any way to meet new people online in a SAFE and easy way. Being in a relationship myself and just wanting some new girl friends in my life, I started trying to see if there was actually a way to go about this. It was by chance I stumbled across a tweet on twitter about these two girls who had met on an app called Bumble, and have been really close friends ever since despite having never met before joining this app.

Now, I myself believed that Bumble was a dating app, what I didn’t realise was there was a section to make friends! Instead of selecting the dating side you pick the friendship side. This will then link you to people who are also looking for just friendship. What makes this even better is that if you are a girl who may be uncomfortable talking to guys online even in a friendship way, then you can select a filter which ensures only girls show up on your suggestions. In the same sense if you are a guy not wanting to talk to girls then this also applies!


So, from my own experience it is great! I met some lovely girls on Bumble (all who had their accounts verified by the app itself). We all met up in Camden and had a good chat and some cocktails! Don’t get me wrong, some girls I haven’t really spoken to since, however there is one girl I would now class as one of my closest girl pals! It’s a great way to meet new people in a safe and monitored way.

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