November Favourites

The Style & Beauty Team here at CUB finish another hectic month with the release of the first issue of the year and preparing for the upcoming one. What does that also mean? An article on our favourite products from November 2019! Again, we’ve invited other members from the range of teams we host at CUB, and they’re bringing you even better favourites than before. We’ve got make-up, skincare, clothing and accessories coming your way. Sit back, kick your feet back, and enjoy the run-down of CUB’s favourite products from the past month!

Dr.Jart+: Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment (£12.00) – Sara Belgeri, Style Writer

Sara decided to use this treatment as she has very darks scares from old spots. She says it’s a great make-up based and works great for her skin, which she describes as being in between combination and oily. The green colour spoons turns into a beige when it is rubbed onto the skin and it kind of blurs out everything. You’ll be left with an air-brushed finish! “The scars are way less visible” and I might have to get this bad boy for my own dark spots, too. It also contains SPF 30 and you can never go wrong with protecting your faces from those harsh UV rays. Another bonus: the 15ml pot lasted for approximately two months and she uses it every morning. Guys, you shouldn’t need more convincing!

& Other Stories: Nail Polish (Blue Nuit) (£8.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I have been changing my nail polish daily, from nudes to edgy winter colours. On Monday, I’d wear burgundy. On Tuesday, I’d wear teal. On Wednesday, I’d wear pink. And for all the other days, I’d wear this gorgeous navy blue. Pair this gorgeous nail polish colour with an equally beautiful blue liner and you have yourself a look!  The nail polishes from & Other Stories, on the whole, are quite terrific. Just apply two coats and you have pigment that can be seen from across the room. You’ll be walking around convincing others that you get daily manicures at the salon.

Zara: Contrast Blazer Dress with Bow Detail (£99.99) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor 

Roma is currently obsessed with this blazer dress from Zara; she wears it either open as a blazer over a mini skirt, jeans or trousers, or as a dress itself. “I’m obsessed with the almost awful 80s nature of it with the bow yet it’s been made elegant and sophisticated with the tailored style of the blazer”. It’s perfect for this party season and Christmas. This dress provides a chic and smart look without having to piece together too many things!

pinterest: zaraofficial

Asos Design: Drop Earrings with Textured Metal and Resin Stones (Red) (£10.00)  – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I was supposed to wear these for a formal party, but alas they arrived a day late. Instead of returning them, I decided to wear them out to dinner, and now I cannot seem to put them down. Of course, heavy earrings are not for the cautious dresser. While these are not initially heavy, the weight is felt after a few hours with them in your ears, so make sure you know you can handle them on a night out. Yet, they are simply divine, and will elevate any simple look into one of elegance. You’ll be looking like a rich Insta Baddie in no time! They even have them in green, perfect for the upcoming festive season. Find your perfect statement earrings for this upcoming festive season, too!

& Other Stories: Chunky Leather Lace-Up Boots (£165.00) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

Our editor also suggests these chunky boots which add edge but still give a decent amount of height when she wears them. “I have worn them to death this month as they’re perfect for the colder season, they make me feel super badass with their heavy sole and almost militaristic/police style”. I’m going to have to snag my own pair soon!

pinterest: andotherstories

& Other Stories: Body Soufflé (Sardonyx Fire) (£11.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I have been wearing this scent for a few years now, but I prefer to use the & Other Stories Bath & Body range fragrances on rotation, since it’s November it means that Sardonyx Fire is back in my shower as a body wash, body scrub and lotion. Yes, my room does smell like Sardonyx Fire, too. This cream is rich and makes you feel pampered to the point where you could forget the stress from the day. It’s also really great for moisturising you skin, keeping it soft and supple, even with its deep fragrance. It has scents of wild vanilla, dark amber and hints of bloom. The product contains: Meadowfoam Seed Oil to moisturise, Vitamin E to soothe the skin, Shea Butter for nutrition and Babassu Oil for protection. If that sounds amazing to you, go over to their website and check out the full Sardonyx Fire range, or their over fragrance ranges. 

Zara: Contrast Velvet Top (£59.99) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

Roma’s final favourite this month is this contrast velvet top from Zara. She’s currently obsessed with a puffy sleeve “to the max”. With he contrasting colours and the dramatic nature of the top, our beloved editor almost fainted. This top is a must-see!

Beats by Dre: Beats Studio3 Wireless (£299.95) – Clera Rodrigues, Music Writer

For Clera, her daily winter staple are the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. It’s key features include being wireless, serving up to twenty-two hours of battery life and its ability to cancel noise. She says the the noise cancelling feature is brilliant for the “screeching central line” and the fact that they fit completely around her ears and “stop them from freezing”. I might need to whip out my pair for the cold weather, too! These headphones essentially double up as her ear muffs. You should check them out as a present for someone in the upcoming month because we certainly are.

Make sure to tune in for the next one, we will be back next month for our December Favourites, and be sure to try some of our November Favourites. We hope you’ll love them as much as we did!

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