October Favourites

There goes another month, where does the time fly by? The Style and Beauty Team here at CUB are back to present you with our favourite products from October 2019. We’ve invited members from the other teams this time around, so you can hear from them to! These are our most loved items that we have used over the month. We’re serving you accessories, clothing, make-up and skincare. Now, sit back, kick up your feet, grab a cup of tea and browse through our October Favourites!

Lancôme: Grandiôse Liner (02, Brun Mirifique) (£25.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

If you saw me anywhere on campus this month, you probably spotted me with a different variation of eyeliner on my eyes, using all designs and products to achieve my looks. Towards the end of the month, I fell back in love with the classic cat eyeliner, probably because I had so much practise that it started to look perfect and sleek. This eyeliner from Lancôme has been my ride or die eyeliner ever since my mother dropped it into my travel makeup bag last year. I have been using it so much recently that I may need to buy another one, I haven’t gone a day without the cat eye it seems. The brown makes even the heaviest cat eye look less racoon-like and more like Catwoman.

pinterest: neimanmarcus

Monki: Wide Leg Trousers (£30.00) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

Next up, we have these wide leg trousers from Monki. Roma bought them in black last year, and when they brought out a lighter shade, she bought them straight away. She loves how easy they are to wear for any occasion. For example, they work with trainers for casual times and they work for smarter occasions with heeled boots. “The lighter colours bring interest, stepping away from the normal dark colours of autumn and winter, yet still sticking within a neutral realm making them easy to wear”.

CBD Products – Demi Whitnell, Editor-in-Chief

Demi, one of our two beloved editors-in-chief, has personally been exploring CBD products for cleansing and purifying. She uses a facial cleanser cream, including some facial drops, as part of her skincare routine: “It’s really been helping my acne, my skin which cracks in [the] winter feels softer and I don’t even feel the need to wear foundation anymore!”. 

The Body Shop: Rich Plum Body Butter (£15.00) – Miranda Fotheringham, London Writer

Miranda loves this new Rich Plum Body Butter from the Body Shop. “It makes my hands so incredibly soft and smells beautiful”, and they’ve got a whole range with the scent, it’s just great! This gorgeous and special edition body butter will have you getting into the festive mood over November and December. It’s rich, it’s fruity and with many of its predecessors, this body butter does not fail to intensely moisturise the skin. This one won’t be in the Body Shop for long, trust me, pick yours up ASAP. 

instagram: @thebodyshop

Bohomoon: 90s Choker Necklace (£25.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I love jewellery. I may be obsessed, but that’s not the matter at hand here. My favourite piece I bought in October is this 90s Choker Necklace from Bohomoon. I got mine for £5.00 when it was on promotion and I am now rarely seen without having ‘1998’ wrapped around my neck these days. I bought more pieces from this brand, and I am a woman in love. They make great necklaces (especially ones you want to layer) and they have so many options to choose from. I love how the site offers the option to have your pieces in gold, silver and rose gold. We can officially say goodbye to the days when I would wear all three colours because I couldn’t get my favourite pieces in the same colour. Check it out, they have something for everyone here!

Topshop: Ghost, Green Cross Front Court Shoes (£46.00) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

And she strikes again! Roma has also picked out these green heels from Topshop. She must warn you that they have cut up her feet, and that is to be expected with heels, but despite this they are one of her favourites for this month because they’re so pretty. “I’m happy to butcher my feet or even just stare at them for the rest of my life”, well, maybe I should get my hands on a pair too. They have a very unique, almost retro, shape to them. She says “they make even my big feet look dainty and elegant”, okay, now I’m definitely going to get my hands on a pair!

Stay tune for the next one guys, we will be back next month for our November Favourites, and be sure to try some of our October Favourites. We hope you’ll love them as much as we did!

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