Putting the Queens in Queen Mary: Why QM is for the girls.

Are you a girl unsure of which University to go to? Or a current student wondering if you made the right choice? As the majority of Queen Mary students are female, it suggests that there is something appealing about QM to the current and prospective female students. Here are a few reasons why Queen’s should go to Queen Mary.


Campus university in London 

Queen Mary is one of the only Russell Group campus universities in London and, better yet,  it’s less than 10-minutes from Zone 1! Being in a new city can be daunting and overwhelming, especially in a city as big as London so by being in a campus university as highly regarded and central as QM is ideal. Walking onto the university’s campus is like stepping into a bubble away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It’s a safe space. Whether you want to work in one of the many study spaces, party at Drapers, or have a coffee in the Ground, Queen Mary has it all. The campus also has 24/7 security who are just a call away if you need them. The best part is, is that QM is an easy bus journey to the lively area of Shoreditch, one stop away from the shopping centre in Stratford and a 15-minute tube to Oxford Street so it is ridiculously easy to get around.

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Queen Mary has a large range of societies for you to join. Whatever your interests are, there is most likely a society for it, and if there isn’t, nothing is stopping you from starting one yourself! If you’re into theatre, QM has a theatre society, a musical theatre society and a Shakespeare society, all of which are led by wonderful women who are passionate about their clubs.  If you’re into sports, there’s a variety of sports teams you can join. Some of which are mixed such as hockey, volleyball and lacrosse and some which are not mixed such as netball, football and rugby.

Other societies that might particularly interest the female students include: ‘Women on Board’, an educational society who invite women from many different professional sectors to talk of how they achieved their position. There is also the empowering ‘Black Girls Book Club’, read books written exclusively by black women. Additionally, ‘The New and Fresh Feminist’ is run by a group of dedicated individuals who are determined to educate QM on wide-ranging female issues and advocate for women at the university and world-wide.

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Women on the Student Union council 

If you weren’t aware, out of the four elected officials for the QMSU, three are female. This is an important thing to look at when applying to any university, as the student council represent you. Annika Ramos’, the Vice President of Education, plans to improve Queen Mary by adopting ‘new technology for inclusivity and accessibility’. Similarly, the VP of Welfare, Shamima Akteris is determined to improve QM as much as she can for students in the year she has, for example opening ‘conversations and awareness campaigns regarding issues that matter to students’. What’s more, the VP for Barts and The London, Megan Annetts is intent on ‘building upon the incredible community spirit within BLSA and QMSU and improving sustainability through the university. These inspirational women are making important changes to how Queen Mary University is being run.

There’s a female-only area in the gym

It can be quite daunting going to the gym, especially if you’re not really sure about what you’re doing or where you’re going. Luckily, Queen Mary has a female-only section at Qmotion gym, located in its own room away from the main gym. This area has all of the same equipment but in a much quieter and less intimidating spot, allowing us women to exercise without the worry of prying eyes.

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Student media

I couldn’t write about why you should come to Queen Mary without mentioning the award-winning student magazine, Cub. Cub has a section for everyone and is the perfect place to express yourself freely. They accept new members all year round and they often host a range of events and competitions for members to take part in. Queen Mary also has another eight student media outlets, which can be found on the QMSU website. Radio, television, news, Queen Mary’s student media has it all!


Ultimately, I chose Queen Mary because I knew I wanted to be in London and QM was easily accessible to many areas of London. What’s more, the students at the university work hard to represent people in different walks of life. Hopefully, all of this information has swayed your university decision or consolidated your decision to come to Queen Mary.


Feature photo by Lucie Hardy.

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