Why London is the best place to go Vegan




Back home, in France, while doing my grocery shopping, I rarely came across vegan options, so I was surprised when I’m going to the supermarket, here in London, to find shelves dedicated to animal products alternatives. This article is not here to force you to go vegan, but rather to let you consider it. Indeed, London has a huge variety of options to choose from if you want to cut off the animal-based product from your meal, and I decided to pick a few of these options to show you that being vegan is possible!


  1.       Pastries

Keep your eyes open as the butteriest pastries are now vegan. Indeed “La Boulangère”, a French pastries brand, launched, on the 1st of November their own Vegan croissant and pain au chocolat.  I was lucky enough (thanks to CUB) to assist to the launch and try the new pastries, and as a French girl who loved her pain au chocolate and croissant, I was amazingly surprised to find no differences in taste between the vegan and the non-vegan pastries, and if you don’t believe me you can try yourself as they are now available at Sainsbury’s.

The Vegan Croissant from La Boulangère. 


Talking off yummy pastries I’m obliged to mention one of the best vegan places on Brick lane: Vida Bakery. Cupcake, slice of cake, rainbow ones or all chocolates, it’s all good and all vegan and you can easily forget your grandma recipe with eggs milk and butter as you will to the vegan ones.


Rainbow cake, Vida Bakery 


  1.       Cheese

I had talked to some people, who had chosen to be vegan, and they all agreed on the fact that cheese was the hardest food to leave behind. Though, they did manage to switch cheese to some delicious non-dairy options, and that mean you can do so as well. You can find the cheapest alternatives are  in the supermarkets, where you have different cheese alternatives, but London also offers the opportunity to go into full vegan shops. If you like cheese and you want to try non-dairy options, go to the Fauxmagerie near Brick Lane, on Cheshire street. Even though, it’s a bit more on the pricey side (around 5£ the cheese), it’s always nice to treat yourself, especially to some food that do not harm any animals.


  1.       Street food

Sometimes it may be hard to find vegan options while you are out with some friends  yet again London has it all. Most of the food truck as well as restaurants can provide vegan options. But, if you are wandering around Brick Lane you need to try the delicious food in the House of Vegan (open on weekends), a vegan food market where you can find  falafels, burgers or mac and cheese – all vegan. Lastly keep your eyes open on some events that are coming such as a vegan Christmas markets, one will happen in Hackney on the 14th of December, so go there to be surprised by the endless possibilities of non-animal-based food.



Vegan Mac and Cheese 

From your daily grocery shopping to a fancy afternoon or evening, the vegan options are everywhere in London, if you found it hard to start cutting off animal-based product from you diet when you were at your parents home, it is the right time to start again. As you are doing your own food, you don’t have to impose your diet choice on someone else, and as I mentioned all along this article, London is the city were Veganism is a reachable goal.


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  1. That’s so true! I feel like even since Im in London I have eaten even less dairies, there is just so much cruelty free stuff to taste!

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