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E’s People’s Choice Awards saw the public nominate the best dressed star of 2019, crowning the winner as none other than Harry Styles. The other nominees consisted of some worthy contenders including Celine Dion who brought glamour and power to 2019, Cardi B’s whose red carpet outfits brought drama and quirkiness and Gigi Hadid who rocked street style throughout the year. Yet, I believe Harry Styles is the most worthy for this award. His style evolution fully blossomed into its best form in 2019, this article will explore his style evolution throughout the years.

Styles’ career started with X-Factor, during this time we saw Styles exploring the height of early 2010s fashion, as painful as it was. He donned the typical British lad Jack Wills looks, now laughable gilets, ill-fitted tracksuit bottoms or jeans and bold trainers. Yet, pieces that truly were the epitome of 2010.

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2012 is the year we saw Styles’ love for his signature look develop: suits. During this period they were still in their training wheels, being paired with crew neck t-shirts or a blazer with jeans. We see Styles’ love affair with high fashion brands start to develop as he transforms into a Burberry boy, attending their shows and sporting their typically British tailoring. It’s the start of a look that Styles will later transform into his own image, the two piece suits only become bolder and better as the years go on.

Jumping to 2014, we see the rock star wardrobe truly come through. Styles’ key pieces are Keith Richards’ style headbands, wide brim fedoras and Chelsea boots. The suits become more detailed, moving away from the normal black tie into an exploration of pattern with pinstripes and militaristic features. This is also the start of Styles at his best, the beginning of the exploration of shirts in all their variety: silk, ruffled, bow detailings. All these different aspects of his looks in 2014 are the start of what is to become of his more explorative and groundbreaking looks.

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2015 is the year we see the suits truly begin to flourish in all their floral wonder. The legs become wider and the colours and patterns become bolder. His love for Gucci truly begins to show, sporting their patterned suits to a number of events. One Gucci suit in particular is still labelled to this day for being his worst outfit. Yet, and rightfully so in my opinion, Styles said in a documentary with the BBC in 2017 ‘I thought it was good, I still think it’s good’. This is just the start of Styles’ confidence and unapologetic nature when it comes to his style. He wears whatever he pleases proudly, embracing his love for what could be deemed more effeminate and different to the norm.

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2017 has been described by British Vogue as Harry’s year, which is understandable he launched his solo career with a self titled album, starred in a Christopher Nolan movie and started a world tour. Styles pushed his love for ‘out there’ suits into something even more. An intertwining of the 1970s, androgyny, exploration of clothing shapes and just plain coolness saw Styles rocking items from silky trousers, pinstriped jumpsuits and baker boy caps. All truly showcasing him as the fashion icon he is and has been deservingly recognised for.

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2018 did not see a stop to Styles’ fashion show, with the continuation of the world tour, Styles essentially rocked a different suit every night. Suits adorned with sequins, ruffles and even paired with a kilt for his Scottish leg of the tour. Styles truly pushed masculine ideals of tailoring, working with a number of designers such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen and helping to boost the career of Central Saint Martins’ student Harris Reed.

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This year, Styles’ fashion journey reach probably one of the highest peaks possible with co-hosting the Met Gala and becoming the face of a Gucci campaign. His love of suits and bold shirts has only been pushed further, into perhaps an even more unique sense of style with his new album launch ‘Fine Line’. Styles’ signature look for 2019 has now become wide leg high waisted trousers paired with braces and silky sparkly shirts. It’s a spin on traditional masculine tailoring, harking back to a time when men always wore trousers and braces, yet Styles has made it modern and exciting. He also has pushed masculine norms further this year with his Saturday Night Live appearance, with the show’s promotional photos showing him wearing, and rocking, a ballerina’s tutu.

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Styles constantly continues to develop his style in a way that pushes traditional masculine dressing and explores tailoring with different approaches to its details and shaping. 2019 has only proved how much he is going to continue exploring and showcasing these fashion ideas. He clearly shows a passion for fashion and its industry, developing relationships with designers and working with them. Therefore, I do believe he was the most worthy of the Best Style Star of the year and we are only going to see his looks evolve into even greater, more experimental and more beautiful works of art.


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