Fragrances for the Festive

It’s December and we are now allowed to be in the full Christmas swing. What’s a great way to interrupt your rendition of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’? Christmas shopping! Fragrances are a great way to go. Yes they are pricey, but they last for over a year and that’s what makes them the perfect gift. I’ve rallied up some of my favourite fragrances that I have received, given or stolen from my sister or mother!

  1. Gucci: Bloom 

Sighs in adoration… Okay, I know what you’re thinking, Gucci is best known for its leather goods. But, I urge you to look beyond their bags, shoes and scarves, and begin looking at their perfumes. Bloom is the first fragrance developed under creative director Alessandro Michele. It’s a gorgeous and modern ode to femininity. You’ll think you’re in a garden with scents of jasmine and tuberose. This perfume would be gifting a floral garden in a bottle. 

  1. Chanel: N°5 

I couldn’t recommend fragrances to purchase for gift-giving without suggesting this classic. This scent was created to appeal to the flapper and celebrate the revamped notion of femininity in the early 1920s. A little olfactory rundown: you have your floral bouquet with touches of Mary Rose and Jasmine in there. It’s timeless, legendary and the very embodiment of floral femininity.

  1. Byredo: Gypsy Water 

This is the key scent in my family, our bathrooms contain bottles of the shower gel and our bedroom contain bottles of the body lotion. We are also non-stop spraying the fragrance before we leave the door. It contains our favourite notes: pine needle, sandalwood and lemon. It’s perfect for the entire year. Gypsy Water is one of the best perfumes to add warmth to your winter nights and help yourself feel more crisp during those summer days. 

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  1. Diptyque: Tam Dao 

Diptyque has become one of the most recognised fragrance brands and is well-known for their brilliant candles. These bad boys are amazing investments for your fragrance shelf. It is perfect for those who love woody scents like myself. You’ll also find yourself feeling like you’re in the East with the notes of rosewood, sandalwood, ambergris and cypress. Tam Dao will have you thinking of the temples and forests in Asia. Be sure to pick this one up!

  1. Jo Malone: Lime Basil & Mandarin 

I genuinely hate citrus perfumes with a passion, but this is one of the most divine citrus fragrances in the industry and I can’t get enough of it. It’s a staple fragrance that those who love sweet and citrus perfumes should have! It’s so good that it’s the brand’s signature perfume. Oddly enough, the basil, white thyme and lime notes, make this fragrance refreshing for both the winter and summer. Get this for your boyfriend or your girlfriend and you’ll have them swooning in minutes!

  1. Tom Ford: Black Orchid 

Tom Ford’s fragrances are widely celebrated in the beauty industry. This is probably the most famous fragrance from Tom Ford and how could it not be? It has been attracting a cult following since its release for its rich scent. It’s fused with blackcurrant, black truffle and bergamot, among other notes. This is a brilliant fragrance for all and it’s warm and spicy nature makes it an amazing gift as a festive fragrance. 

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  1. Chloé: Chloé 

We love fresh florals here! Chloé’s signature fragrance is the perfect embodiment of the floral perfume. It’s not heavy yet it’s incredibly long-lasting. This fragrance is wonderful for any occasion or errand. Chloé adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to whatever you are wearing. 

  1. Burberry: Weekend 

This is the refreshing scent. It was one of my first fragrances. This perfume will give you the confidence to conquer the day, it’s best for wear during the day. The notes consist of tangerine, nectarine, peach flower, cedar, musk and sandalwood. Be sure to check out this classic fragrance from Burberry. 

  1. Maison Margiela: REPLICA By the Fireplace & REPLICA Jazz Club

I was introduced to this fashion house over the summer, but wow, their fragrances are amazing. They challenge tradition through the concepts their fragrances promote. By the Fireplace is another perfect winter fragrance, it reminds you of those winter cabins by the slopes. With notes of orange blossom, neroli, chestnut, vanilla and red berries, it has this wonderful balance of sweet and spicy scents. Therefore, making it a comfy fragrance for those nights in. Jazz Club is another woody, spicy and sweet fragrance that is brilliant for the winter and those late summer evenings in the city. You cannot go wrong with gifting either of these!

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  1. Le Labo: Santal 33 

I’ll finish this list with the current cult classic fragrance, Santal 33. This fragrance is leathery, spicy and smoky. It contains iris, violet, cardamom and sandalwood. It’ll have you feeling as if you were by a warm and open fire during these harsh winter days. Be sure to gift this to someone, or buy it for yourself, and spray it before that daily commute!

And back to Christmas planning you go… Tell us your favourite scents that you have gifted or received in the comments below!

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