New Nails for the New Year

Let’s keep this one simple, the new year and the new decade is quickly coming towards us, we need to get our nails done for the new year so here is some inspiration.

instagram: @nataliepavloskinails
  1. The New French Wave

Instead of a traditional crescent, try a new tip style. You’ve got double frenches, asymmetrical placement and heart shapes to also choose from. You can even change it up with the colour. Plus experimenting with changing the variation in the width of lines, too!

instagram: @theillustratednail
  1. Negative Space

If you hate maintaining your manicure, negative space is the style for you! Manicures inevitably get chipped and grow out after days of getting them. It’s perfect because your natural nail is incorporated into the nail and they can still look good after a week of getting them. 

instagram: @misspopnails
  1. It Was Acceptable in the ‘80s

We are bringing it back with the bright bold colours all year round. This decade we moved into a nostalgia for the ‘90s, let’s push into our nostalgia in the ’20s with the ’80s for our nails.

instagram: @sashaniegraynails
  1. Pastel Nails for Pastel Liner

If you’re not into anything outrageously bold such as a neon or white in the middle of autumn and winter, I recommend a pastel colour. It’s colourful, it’s cute, and perfect for the entire year!

instagram: @thestyleeditorials
  1. Accessories: Crystals, Pearls and Studs

I’ve recently been sticking crystals here and there on my face, so I decided to take it to my nails. It uplifts even the dullest nail polish colours. Make your nails that little bit more special with some crystals, pearls or studs. 

instagram: @nail_unistella
  1. Changing the Shape

I’m all for these new offbeat nail shapes, there are so many nails shapes to choose from other than square or round. Take the nails by Park as an example. This lipstick shape is to die for. Now, I just need to get myself some acrylics and try this style out myself!


Don’t forget to share your creations with us here at CUB! 

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