The art and fun of open mic night

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Why you should go to an open mic night?

Open mic is open to anyone who has the confidence and bravery to get up on stage.

This intimate space can be an outlet for passionate, intense feelings. The speakers are given a chance to perform whatever they like and this lets them completely utilise their freedom of speech, as there are no restrictions. It gives people a chance to show their creative side when they, otherwise, might not be able to. There should be more attention to how therapeutic venting and expressing yourself can be, especially as a uni student who faces deadlines and stress.                                                                                

You are given insight into the performer’s experience and reality, and are drawn to topics that people are too afraid to talk about, whether they perform spoken word or perform music.  The power of your words can impact how you interact with the audience and how they enjoy your performance. 

Let’s not forget that open mic can be a fun, enjoyable and fantastic way to have a good time with a couple of close friends. Open mic nights allow the performers to express and be themselves without the pressure of harsh criticism. It honestly takes confidence, courage and bravery to get up on stage and share your talent. 

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

It can be daunting performing, (especially if it’s your first time), however, the atmosphere is filled with a sense of acceptance and belonging but also appreciation for the fact that you were willing to share your gift and creativity. There is an unspoken code between the audience and performer, the audience roots for your success as no one wants the performer to fail/do bad because if it is bad, it becomes awkward for both parties. The performers interaction with the audience can make or break their act.  

As a recent attendee, my experience was profound. The room was dark and felt as though you were cloaked by the shadows cast in the room. I was surrounded by friends and other people who’d come to support their friends too. Some of the topics discussed were revelatory, as my attention was turned to the things we don’t usually think about. The ease with which performers were able to tap into themselves and draw out their natural talent was effortless. The two acts that stood out to me the most were spoken word pieces: one about perseverance, and another about ‘fragile masculinity’. 

Concerning the first act, the guy spoke about the problematic nature of his childhood and how he pushed through it – even when his mic kept failing, he nonetheless persevered through the performance! The second act was an emotional piece on the fragility of masculinity, performed by my friend Luana. Luana’s words danced and rolled off her tongue in the most fluent way, which allowed her performance to have a powerful and distinct effect on myself and the audience members around me. 

Ultimately, the open mic night was successful and I will be looking forward to attending many more, and you should too!

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