The Joys of Vintage Shopping

I love shopping. In fact, over the years family and friends have repeatedly hinted at this passion bordering on addiction, which is probably not far from the truth. Annoyingly, the contents of my wardrobe tend to bore me quite quickly and for a long time, the only remedy for that boredom was buying new clothes from the high street every month or so. As I grew more aware of the catastrophic impact that fast fashion has on the environment and the industry’s precarious working conditions, I knew that my shopping habits had to change. Thus, I made it my goal to shop far less frequently and shopping mostly vintage. This soon led me to discover that I actually love shopping pre-loved pieces. Here are a few reasons why:

Chances are that if you buy vintage, the pieces are unique: We get bombarded on a daily basis with pictures of fashion influencers on Instagram. Many of them promote fast fashion brands and they usually wear similar or sometimes even the same clothes. This results in thousands of people following the same trends and wearing the same things. Buying vintage can make you stand out of the crowd. It enables you to add unique and interesting pieces to your wardrobe that most likely no one else has, all whilst also taking a stance against fast fashion. Also, isn’t it special to think that you are probably the only person in the world owning that particular piece of clothing?

pexels: @photosbycollis

The fascinating and unknown stories behind the clothes: Have you ever wondered about the stories behind your vintage clothes? I find it so interesting imagining who first bought the piece of clothing, for what occasion or in what time period. Most likely you will never find out, but it’s still fun to think about it and maybe come up with your own stories. Plus, in the rare cases that vintage pieces still have tags, it’s fascinating to do research and find out about those brands that most of the time don’t even exist anymore. By buying and wearing vintage pieces you continue their stories and add to them which I think is a beautiful thing. 

Those who search long enough get rewarded: Most of the time vintage shopping is much more time intensive than shopping on the high street, digging your way through piles of clothing is exhausting and can take ages. However, finding a vintage piece you like and actually fits you is all the more rewarding (tip: if you find something you love that doesn’t fit you, just bring it to the tailor!). Furthermore, I have found that I have treasured these perfect vintage pieces way more than anything that I have ever bought on the high street. I keep wearing them over and over again – I just never seem to get bored. If you ask me, the effort put into finding good vintage pieces is totally worth it.

We all know that shopping fast fashion isn’t sustainable. I am by no means perfect, and still find myself buying a piece from the high street from time to time. It can be hard to stick to vintage shopping in a city like London, where it feels like there’s a Topshop, Zara or H&M on almost every corner. But in the end I find vintage shopping much more gratifying than shopping on the high street. You can shop with a better conscience, dress uniquely with pieces that have an interesting story behind them and altogether cherish them that much more.

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