Watch These 4 Throwback Movies for A Great Girls’ Night In This Holiday Season

BRRR. It’s cold! You’re cosy indoors with your blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, just chilling on the sofa. All your girlfriends are over for a movie night. Hooray! The only thing left to do is to decide what to watch. Well, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Option 1: Mean Girls

A classic. If you’re in the mood for a comedy with iconic one liners and a flashback to your schooldays, look no further. This one never gets old; (there’s probably someone out there doing a Regina George impression right this second.) Cady’s story is so relatable to all the girls who’ve been through the peaks and troughs of school. It’s super interesting watching her transition from status of ‘loser’ to Queen Bee. Oh, and of course there’s Aaron in Math class; need I say more? And girls, if you watch on a Wednesday…make sure to wear pink.


Option 2: Girl, Interrupted 

If you and your girls are feeling something more thriller-ish and dark, yet still with the sense of sisterhood, check this one out. This brilliant adaptation of the book stars Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie, who both portray mentally unwell patients in breathtaking fashion. Winona plays a witty, sceptical, quiet type while Angelina portrays a crazy, loud, centre-of-attention kind of character. The girls, along with 5 others, form alliances and undertake adventures at the psychiatric hospital where they’re being treated. It’s sounds heavy, but really the movie’s filled with enough humour to balance out anything dark and scary… Another 5 star review from me!


Option 3: Twilight:

This one holds a dear place in my heart. If you and your crew are introverts, you’ll get me. Bella is a heavily introverted, shy and awkward teenager who happens to fall in love with the deadliest person in town: a vampire. Edward and Bella’s story is fraught with peril and doubt; yet somehow, they come out on the other side as one of the strongest couples ever seen on screen. Bella and Edward are both unconventional mavericks in their own ways, yet still magnetic, garnering admiration from their peers. And then Jacob’s thrown into the mix, and who doesn’t love a good love triangle (with a gorgeous werewolf)? If you’re in the mood for something romantic and yet tinged with high school colour, and happen to like rock music, pick this. Every time Muse’s Supermassive Back Hole comes on during the baseball scene, I’m reminded of just how awesome this movie was, as was its soundtrack. 


Option 4: Legally Blonde I

She’s blonde. She wears pink (exclusively.) And she’s somehow found herself at Harvard Law School along with the bigwigs and Einsteins. Meet Elle Woods, who begins her Law degree solely for the purpose of chasing after an ex boyfriend who doesn’t want her anymore. She’s never been taken seriously all her life (or taken herself seriously, for that matter), but that’s all about to change. By the end of the movie, she becomes a self-sufficient, intellectual, and successful Law graduate. She overcomes problems that you would expect a spoiled rich girl to come with – (entitlement, vanity, close-mindedness…) as well as more tricky struggles like workplace harassment from her male seniors. It’s an incredible, warm comedy with girl-power written all over it!

So there you have it: take your pick from these four and you’re guaranteed a great girls’ night in! P.S: Don’t forget the popcorn.

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