Colour is the New Black

There is always room for creativity in my make-up routine. I have been learning how to change up my winged liner. Now, I am trying to acquire every colour and formula of eyeliner I can get my hands on, and they have to perform well. I have got a list of colours and products you need to try out if you want to move away from colours black and brown when it comes to your eyeliner. A little bit of colour can make all the difference. 

SUVA Beauty: Hydra FX, Scrunchie 

My current obsession when it comes to colourful eyeliners is the Hydra FX range by SUVA Beauty. They have such a wide range of colours. At the moment their neons are the best! You just need to add some water with a brush to activate the product, mix it well, then apply it once it has a creamy consistency. Their products are super pigmented, are waterproof and don’t streak. Pick up one of their colourful lines if you want a bold pigment that lasts all day long. 

Marc Jacobs: Highliner, Whirl(Pool) 

These Marc Jacobs liners have intense colour payoff, apply so easily, and last for a seriously long time on the skin. They have pure and vivid hues that you rarely find in other pencils and they are worth the money. You have fifteen seconds before the colours sets. My favourite colours are (Pop)ular which is a hot pink and Whirl(Pool) which is this gorgeous teal. You must pick one of these up as soon as possible!

Colourpop: Crème Gel Liner, Violet Crush 

If you’re going to go anywhere for any form of colour, you need to pop onto the Colourpop website. There you’ll find every shade of colour imaginable. The crème gel liners from colour pop are fantastic. In particular I recommend their pastel colours, this lilac colour is the perfect shade of lavender that will make you drop any black liner you own. 

Dior: Diorshow on Stage Liner, Matte Pop Green 

A green liner is the easiest to get away with when you move away from blacks and browns. Not many people notice until they genuinely take a look at your eyes. This Dior Stage Liner has got the best matte green I have ever swatched. It is also the only one that remained on my hand all day. 

L’Oréal Paris: Matte Signature Liquid Eyeline, Burgundy 

I have acquired several shades from this range because once the colour goes on it is not coming off until you apply make-up remover at the end of the day. It has super intense colour payoff and super easy application. The black colour is probably the most dull one of the bunch while the burgundy is the sexiest one of them all. 

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Urban Decay: Glide-On Eye Pencil, Lucky 

The eye pencils by Urban Decay glide on like butter. I especially love these pencils for my waterline. You can pair them with your black eyeliner by adding a pop of colour to your waterline. It makes for an awesome dual colour effect!

Fenty Beauty: Vivid Liquid Eyeline Trio, Baeside (Papaya Mama, Lime Feva, Skinny Dip) 

The eyeliner colours from Fenty Beauty are electrifying! They’re serving us with bright pastel hues that make it so much easier to make our winged liner that much better. You can either wear each shade on their own, or combine them together, just layer on different colours and you’ll be the one with most eye-catching liner one campus. 

Morphe: Gel Liner, Vitamin Sea 

Not many gel liners are sweat proof however, the gel liner from Morphe provides colour and a fantastic formula. These liners are waterproof, long-wearing and usually last for twelve hours. They’re super creamy and pigmented, so you’ll never have to worry about streaky colours.

Nyx Cosmetics: Retractable Liner, Gold 

I was a little skeptical of these liners at first because I swatched a liner that had been sitting out for a long time. Although, I got my hands on one of them and realised how pigmented they were, I have been collecting them ever since. I went through the gold shade like there was no tomorrow. It has extreme lasting power and give you that precise application that can be difficult to find in some liners. 

Stila Cosmetics: Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Snow 

A good white liner is hard to come by, however, the Stila Cosmetics white eyeliner takes the crown. You will find yourself being showered with compliments for adding snow, not soot, to your eyelids. This is the best white liner to give you a crisp wing liner without having to reach for the black pen instead. 

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The next time you restock on your eyeliner or choose a new formula, browse through the other colours available, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful a different colour can look every now and then on you eyes. 

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