December Favourites

CUB may have taken a break, but the Style & Beauty Team do not rest when it comes to fashion, makeup and skincare. You know the drill, let’s go!

Monki: Stretchy High-Waist Trousers (Red Plaid) (£30.00) & Tartan Cropped Blazer (Red Tartan) (£60.00) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

Roma has been obsessed with this two-piece set: “I’m obsessed with the pattern, it’s super festive and wintery and perfect to layer a jumper underneath. It looks great dressed up with heels or worn casually with the pieces separately”. After seeing it for myself at the CUB Christmas Party, I must agree that these items are a must have. They look so good and would be the perfect purchase for January or February, too. Grab yourself a pair of these trousers or the blazer, now!

SUVA Beauty: Hydra Liner (Freezie) (£11.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

Once again I found myself wandering through the Morphe store and found that they have finally released the SUVA Beauty Hydra Liner range in the store. The choices were endless. I am really into Scrunchie, Acid Trip and Lustre Lilac. Freezie takes the win for me though. All the colours are super pigmented, the only down side is that they may temporarily stain your skin, but just be sure to use an eye primer prior to application and use an oil based makeup remover to clean the eyes. I love these liners because they are smudge proof and transfer resistant. They’re even cruelty free and vegan friendly. Pick up a pot today, get some water to activate it and you have got yourself some amazing colours for your face.

pinterest: aclifton10

Too Faced: Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Eye Shadow (Sweet Spot) (£18.00) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

There was a deal over the Christmas period for their mascara and this eyeshadow for £25.00. Roma says when the shop assistant swatched it out onto her hand she “honestly gasped out loud”. She has been wearing it any chance she gets, it’s simply that gorgeous. You wanter glitter? You want pigment? This is product you need to get for those dazzling winter nights. 

Glossier Glitter Gelée (Glass Bonsai) (£12.00) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

Another glitter product, of course. But can you really judge? It has been Christmas after all, not that it matters to us here on Style & Beauty at CUB, glitter is an always in-style item. This Glossier Glitter Gel is “perfect for putting on top of eyeshadow or even just dotting it on your bare eyes for a more understated yet also simultaneously bold look”. We both recommend that you should visit the Glossier pop-up shop in Covent Garden at the moment. I’ve just paid a visit and picked up some other favourite products of mine for this month, including their lip balms and highlighters. Head on down there to get yourself some glitter today. 

pinterest: miaosari3

Asos Design: Headband with Graduating Pearls in Gold Tone (£9.00, originally £12.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I was in dire need of an effortless hair accessory. I mean, I was also in dire need of channeling my inner Blair Waldorf, given that the tough ending of my last semester with all those deadlines. So, may I introduce you to this wonderful pearl headband? It’s honestly quite perfect for special occasions and can add glamour to your everyday life, too. It’s not even painful to wear like some headbands can be. Be sure to pick one of these babies up!

Topshop: Blue Denim Super Oversized Jacket (£45.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I bought this jacket in the sale for the summer, and wasn’t really into it until I began wearing it at the end of the month, but it’s just prefect for effortless glam. I love myself a tailored coat, especially in burgundy or caramel, if anyone wants to gift me a coat anytime soon. This jacket is some good quality denim, after searching for one for two years that I actually like, this is the one for me!

pinterest: topshop


Make sure to check out some of the products we loved this past month and come back at the end of January to check out this month’s favourite items!

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