Effortless Hair Accessories

It gets a little boring to always have your hair down, or in the same ponytail, or even in the same tight bun in black and brown plastic hair claws. I am giving you some ideas to switch up your hair style with these effortless hair accessories. Just pop these in when you’re rushing to get to your lectures and seminars and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the day!

Monki: Classic Beret (Red) (£5.00) 

Okay, yes, technically this is not strictly a hair accessory and more headwear than anything else, but hear me out! A beret is very much the best way to add flair to any outfit. It’s even better at helping you deal with those bad hair days and you can just play it off as a way of adding that je ne sais quoi to any of your outfits. Paris can be wherever you want to be when you put a beret on, just add a matching red lipstick to this red beret!

Nasty Gal: Number One Pearl-Inspired Headband (£5.00) 

I am obsessed with anything that has pearls. When you put them on a headband you have sold it to me! Headbands are a great accessory and they are totally effortless. All you have to do is pop it on, walk out the door, and you look like you have put effort into your hair that day. 

H&M: 4-Pack Hair Claws (Powder Pink/Dark Green) (£9.99) 

When studying many of us love to put our hair in a bun. I am so over the standard black and brown plastic clips that make my bun look bland. These hair claws are a brilliant solution to the boring bun. They’ll add that extra touch of colour and luxury and what makes it even better, you don’t have to put in much effort to make these hair accessories work. 

ASOS Design: Hair Clip in Butterfly Design in Gold Tone (£8.00) 

Another way to transform that boring hair bun to a brilliant hair bun is to add this gorgeous ornate clip in a butterfly design. It just adds that little something to your hair and doesn’t require that much up-keep throughout the day besides a little tightening when your bun gets loose. 

& Other Stories: Chunky Satin Alice Headband (£17.00) 

There’s never a wrong moment to channel your inner Alice in Wonderland. This chunky, squared silhouette and glossy finish is a fantastic design to make your hair look fabulous without putting in an extensive amount of work. 

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Monki: Scarf Scrunchie (Pastel Pink) (£3.00) 

Imagine spending the mornings before your lectures and seminars learning how to wrap a scarf around your pony tail. Let me introduce you to this little cheat called the scarf scrunchie. You can now bring the French Riviera and the 90s back to campus in the most effortless way possible. 

Nasty Gal: Let Ya Hair Down Diamante 2-Piece Hair Clip Set (£6.00) 

As someone who has to constantly clip her fringe back, I want to do it in the most glamorous way possible, and diamonds are another way to go if you’re not in the mood for pearls. These oversized clips can be used so easily, just pull your fringe back with them and show off that beautiful face of yours. 

H&M: 2-Pack Hair Clips (Light Brown/Tortoise Pattern) (£5.99) 

Another style of hair clip to keep your eye on is the tortoise pattern. It’s perfectly understated if you’re not into the whole diamonds and pearls vibe. When you pop these in your hair pair it with a brown lipstick to really showcase the brown hues of the clips!

ASOS Design: Headband in Green Velvet (£6.00) 

Blair Waldorf who? I love hairbands because you just have to push them through your hair or place them behind your fringe. It frames the face so beautifully and is the ultimate effortless hair accessory. 

& Other Stories: Micro Pearl Embellished Hair Clip (£11.00) 

Everyone seems to be wearing the same pearl clip these days. It’s hard not to love because it is a very pretty design. This gold-tone open frame hair clip embellished with a cluster of micro-real pendants from & Other Stories is the perfect way to keep on trend without having to copy everyone else. Be sure to check this one out if you want a peal clip!

pinterest: andotherstories

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