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Yes, achieving that razor sharp winged eyeliner is an obstacle we all one day overcome, but then why do many of us just stop there? There are many different ways to put on eyeliner. I am giving you an insight into my inspirations from Instagram and how online make-up artists have changed their take on eyeliner. This article has everything from exaggerated wings to eyeliner above. It doesn’t hurt to experiment and change your daily look every once in a while. 

instagram: @keidiko

This winged liner by Diana is channeling major Euphoria vibes. I am no pro at glitter eyeliner, but with practise I am getting better, and it adds that little bit of sparkle to your standard winged eyeliner. I particularly like this one because this blue glitter reminds me of the sea and mermaids.

instagram: @luciphyrr

This particular make-up artist, Tania, creates all sorts of eyeliner designs deviating from your standard winged eyeliner. This look strikes me the most because of its wearability and simplicity. It applies the same methods and products used normally, you just have to practise the lining.

instagram: @kirinrider

This is the only look I have chosen for eyeliner from Euphoria. Kirsten Coleman’s skills when it comes to eyeliner are second to none. This look she put together for Barbie Ferreira’s character, Kat, was awesome. The dual colours and bold wing liner screams “empowered young woman” as Kirsten describes. I have tried this one with oranges, reds and pinks. It is quite the look to behold!

instagram: @makeupbylourose

Lou is an amazing make-up artist and I have lots of her work in my inspiration folder. The first one I love is her sliced outer wing design using different colours. It’s really simple, yet vibrant even if you chose to use black. The second one I chose is her recent spotted liner design. Again, it’s simple, but really captures attention due to the array of colours. I grouped these together because multi-colour liner is a great way to spice up your standard winged liner. 

instagram: @@makeupbylourose

I’ve grouped two more designs created by Lou because she is seriously talented. The first is especially amazing. I love my crystals and she creates different liner designs using them. The second one I have included just shows how you don’t need to use a black liner over your eyeshadow, but you can use gems instead and that sounds much better in my books. 

instagram: @posvoemu

Mila Bulatova is right, thin graphic lines are trending again and she has executed it oh so well. This graphic liner design is perfect for hooded eyelids. I just tried this one out a few days ago with a SUVA HydraLiner.

instagram: @chudesasha

Sasha Chudeeva really nails down the layered liner look. Why not add different colours to your standard winged liner instead? Draw more attention to your already snatched lines. 

instagram: @zimin_anton

Zimin Anton inspired me with this incomplete liner. Sometimes the full line doesn’t always work, but adding two separate lines could. I also love how he has paired up the pink hues with a pastel blue liner. I’m going to try this out with my pastel blue pencil liner soon!

instagram: @aaronsmakeup

Then there is Aaron Storms who is constantly changing the ways he puts on eyeliner. This liner under the lower lash line is divine. When you pop in that extra dash of colour onto your waterline, it really makes your eye colour stand out and shapes your eyes really well. 

instagram: @haodoyoungoeye

I am ending this list with Hao’s design using colourful liquid liners. You need to save this one as floating eyeliner is in and is not going anywhere any time soon. It’s a wonderful homage to the sixties. You could even add a few lines under the lashes to resemble mascara and create the iconic Twiggy look. 

I hope you have been inspired, as much as I have, by these innovative winged eyeliner trends on Instagram. 

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