Face Mask Showdown

The face mask is a way to give your skin an instant dose of everything it needs. It is the weekly check-up your skin is asking for. I lined up some of the best face masks on the market that you need to save your skin. Who takes the crown for you?

Niod: Flavanone Mud (£38.00) 

This is the decongestant mask that you have been asking for, if you have sensitive skin however, I will certainly urge you away from this one. The Flavanone Mud formula is not for the faint-hearted. This mask is great for oily skin in need of a deep cleaning. This is a truly innovative mask that works in three phases: it purifies, protects and is also responsive. First, your skin will be cleaned of all that pollution, product build-up and excess sebum on your skin. Second, your skin will be given a barrier against future build-ups and includes pollutant-deflecting ingredients. Third, your skin is given some ingredients that triggers detoxification with the citrus peel. In a nut-shell it gives your skin that deep clean it has been desperately asking for. When you take of this mask you will be left with a glow. This mud mask doesn’t dry the skin’s surface or ruin its equilibrium. 

Ole Henriksen: Transform Plus PHAT Glow Facial (£42.00) 

This mask delivers on its promise to leave you with glowing skin. It is packed with PHAs, which in layman’s terms is fat, which helps your skin look more youthful with the age-fighting results. The mask has an exfoliating acid as its key ingredient. It’s brilliant for those with sensitive skin so you will find your skin considerably less irritated with this facial. 

Charlotte Tilbury: Goddess Skin Clay Mask (£38.00) 

Another clay mask that dries your skin out is the last thing you need for such delicate skin. I am introducing you to the Goddess Skin Clay Mask that doesn’t dry your skin out to the point of giving you that tight and uncomfortable feeling. Charlotte Tilbury has formulated a mask that gives your skin the nourishing ingredients it needs with its rosehip oils and sweet almond, whilst also drawing out the impurities from your skin. You’re going to walk out of your house with a dewy and fresh glow. If you’re feeling tired, worried about your fine lines or have congested skin then this is the mask to help your complexion!

Drunk Elephant: F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial (£44.00) 

The main reason I regularly recommend Drunk Elephant is because of the brand’s ethos. Their products avoid toxins and certain ingredients – silicones, chemical screens, drying alcohols, SLSs, fragrances or dyes, and essential oils. You should try out an overnight mask, they can be very hydrating, given you choose the right one for yourself. I recommend this one because it’s one of the best I’ve come by. It is the solution you need for skin that is virtually hungover and thirsty as hell. It will restore the moisture levels in your skin and the balance of hydration. The first rule of skincare: hydrate, drink water, apply a hydrating mask. You’re solid!

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Omorovicza: Silver Skin Saviour (£65.00) 

I highly recommend this mask if you have acne-prone skin. The colloidal silver is a an antibacterial ingredient that is great topical treatment for your blemishes. Then there is the salicylic acid, a BHA that exfoliates the surface of your skin. It improves pigmentation issues and it also smoothes your complexion. Meanwhile the glycolic acid, an AHA that helps you get clearer skin, fights your blemishes. Another key ingredient is the niacinamide, again this helps to even your skin tone and control your sebum production. Pick up this targeted mask if you want to pore-purge your skin and come out with healthy and dewy skin.

Glow Recipe: Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask (£20.50) 

Stir the pot before you use this one, as this is another sleeping mask not to sleep on, and yes that is a pun I find hilarious. Please don’t leave after that joke because this mask will soothe your irritated and inflamed skin. This mask is lightweight, gel-like and pillow-proof. Your thirsty skin will get the water it deserves with that heavy dose of hyaluronic acid while the alpha-hydroxy acids will exfoliate your skin. This is basically beauty sleep with steroids. 

Summer Fridays: Jet Lag Mask (£22.50) 

The Summer Fridays masks are an Instagram sensation and they are, surprisingly, worth the hype. This is a lifesaver mask. It will rescue your skin from dehydration and is an easy one to travel with. The formula is vegan and it nourishes your skin with ceramides, antioxidants and vitamins which will soothe the most exhausted skin. You can even use this bad boy as a primer or an overnight treatment to intensify the hydrating effects.

Fresh: Black Tea Fimring Overnight Mask (£29.00) 

I could recommend so many face masks from Fresh but alas, there is only so much room in this face mask showdown. As you can tell by now, evening masks are a must-have in your skincare routine, they should be the final step of your skincare ritual in my book. I consider this mask to be the restorative mask. The black tea complex (black tea extract, kombucha, blackberry leaf extract and lychee seed extract) will help improve damaged skin and promote elasticity. 

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Caudalie: Instant Detox Mask (£22.00) 

The ultimate detox mask! No, it’s not a charcoal clay mask, it’s… grapes? They use this ingredient to give their customers a skincare product that is perfect at giving you age-defying skin. The stress from exams and assignments can age your skin, so pick this mask up to rewind time, and get that youthful look. This mask will draw out impurities with the grapes, detoxify your skin, then brighten your skin with the papaya enzymes. 

Glossier: Mositurizing Moon Mask (£18.00) 

Whenever people pick out masks, consumers are quick to purchase one to draw out impurities, but these can be extremely dehydrating. You have to be careful when you choose a clay mask as I have already shown. This mask by Glossier is actually a moisturising mask. The ingredients in this formula are to thank for the excellent results. It contains hyaluronic acid which is brilliant in helping to hydrate your skin, sweet almond oil and plant-based squalene. In turn, the liquorice root and lemon fruit extract help brighten and even out the skin, while the honey and aloe soothe the skin. You will want this mask if you want that softer, brighting, dewier skin. 

Maskologist: Rose Glowing Potion (£23.50) 

In these cold months you will need all the moisture you can get for your delicate faces. Let me introduce you to this sheet mask formulated with rose petals, and the flower’s natural oils and extracts, that will give you the ultimate level of hydration. This is a biodegrade hydrogel mask that will give you your nutrients, lock in the moisture you need and give you those long-lasting results that you desire from a mask. Roses are amazing! They have antibacterial properties, antioxidants and will provide you the nutrients and minerals your skin requires to be healthy. This is not a sheet mask to overlook. 

Aēsop: Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque (£33.00) 

The final mask in this showdown is from Aēsop. You need a mask when you’re cheating yourself out of a good skincare routine? This is the one for you. The purifying clay will draw out those impurities from your congested pores, while the parsley seed extracts will quickly fix the dullness of your skin by boosting antioxidants into your face. If you have oily or combination skin, your complexion is going to be transformed, and you will walk out looking radiant!

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You know the contenders now. Choose your winner!

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