Hey, I Put Some New Boots On

I am here to help you search for a new pair of boots to start off the new year with the right pair of shoes. As the great Rickey Thompson has shown us nothing beats a good pair of boots. Let’s get started:


There have been plenty of really great options for boots this past season and there are some new ones being released that are awesome for the spring season. 

Topshop: Harbour Teal Chelsea Boots (£65.00) 

These teal square toed Chelsea boots are stunning with their crocodile-style leather. It’s perfect for the autumn, winter and spring. Then there is the gorgeous block heel which is brilliant for elevating your everyday look and adding drama to your evening look.  

Topshop: Marshal Black Western Leather Boots (£89.00) 

Saddle me up and get me a cowboy because these boots are a fantastic western pair of footwear! This cowboy style is a wonderful homage to this currently major trend. Who could say no these metal toe caps and the square toe design?

Zara: Flat Ankle Boots With Heel Detail (£29.99) 

Every girl needs a pair of simple black flat ankle boots. These ones stand out to me in particular for two reasons. First, the price is great for the quality and style of the boots. Second, the gold metal piece on the heel elevates these boots. They are simple, yet stunning boots. 

Zara: Flat Leather Ankle Boots (£79.99) 

I love a good pair of lace-up boots. Although, the problem with many of these boots is that they can be quite heavy. These boots from Zara are the perfect solution to that. They are lightweight and still give you that grunge aesthetic. 

& Other Stories: Square Toe Leather Boots (£135.00)

It should be a sin to not own a pair of white leather boots. They are all the rage right now and have been for quite a while. I have been trying to find the perfect pair since I saw Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood wear a pair. These smooth leather ankle boots with block heels and square toes are the one for me.

& Other Stories: Block Heel Leather Chelsea Boots (£159.00) 

These block heel leather boots from & Other Stories knocked the breath out of me. They are great for a night out on the city… in the day… in the evening…and yes I would walk around in them in my house to practise my runway walk. 

pinterest: andotherstories

Urban Outfitters: E8 By Miista Mille Orange Leather Boots (£90.00) 

If I could marry a pair of boots, these ones might be it. The sleek leather construction of these shoes, with its mid-calf length, square toe style and block heel are fabulous. 

Massimo Dutti: Brown High Heel Musketeer Boots Limited Edition (£129.00) 

I love Massimo Dutti leather with a passion. These over-the-knee high heel leather boots add to that love. Trust me, black is not the only way forward, these chocolate brown shoes are something to try out. 


It is unfortunate that men’s options for boots from more accessible shops is rather poor. However, I did manage to bring together some great options for any guy to have an awesome pair of everyday boots. 

Topman: Black Brave Western Boots (£59.00) 

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am very into the western theme, and these boots follow on from that trend. The western inspired stitching is gorgeous and the pointed toe makes these boots perfect to wear with some black or ripped jeans. 

Topman: Black Real Suede Chelsea Boots (£55.00) 

A suede boot is a necessity, at least in the array of boots I have bought over the past few years, and it should also be a staple in a man’s shoe closet. This boot is great when it comes to suede and the sleek silhouette makes this perfect for daily wear and evening wear. 

Dr. Martens: Black 1460 Mono Boots (£139.00) 

Dr. Martens produce timeless boots. Their combat boots are my favourite, but this mono design really stands out for me, as it’s perfect for an edgier look. This is a quality shoe, it lasts for a long time and with age it becomes even better because it adds to that grunge look. 

pinterest: statoke

Office: Barton Brogue Chelsea Black Leather (£41.00) 

I either love or hate a brogue, it depends on the shoe. This one is definitely a winner, it’s a great buy if you want that classic Chelsea silhouette with a sprinkle of detail. 

ASOS Design: Cuban Heel Western Chelsea Boots in Black Leather with Metal Hardware (£55.00) 

These boots demand attention with its toe cap. This shoe merges style and comfort. You’ve got your elasticated inserts, square toes (trust me, square toes are great) and a cuban heel. It’s a great boot!

ASOS Design: Chelsea Boots in Black Leather with Black Sole (£35.00) 

You want something simple, right? You just want a damn Chelsea boot of good quality, right? You don’t need anything but a black boot, right? Okay! This is the boot, it’s idiot proof. This pair of boots will add confidence to your walk immediately. 

Massimo Dutti: Black Leather Ankle Boots with Broguing (£119.00) 

Again, brogue styles can be a hit or a miss for some, but this is another pair of boots that are great with its scalloping details. 

Massimo Dutti: Brogued Leather Ankle Boots (£139.00) 

They’re so good, I am even recommending a pair in a warm chocolate brown. You don’t always have to buy black. These dark brown boots can be wonderful in adding warmth to your outfit as they can soften the harshness of the overall look. 

Zara: Soft Black Leather Ankle Boots (£69.99) 

This is another simple boot, simple, but great! It’s a classic style with a soft design meaning they’re  super comfortable. This is another fool proof boot and should be a staple in every man’s closet, too.

Zara: Light Burgundy Boots (£25.99) 

Experimenting with colour is something we must all do. Start of easy with browns but you can also try out burgundies. These lace-up boots stand out with their glossy finish. These are perfect for their lightness, comfort and colour. 

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