Pampering Yourself in the City

I love pampering myself in the city. My hair isn’t the easiest to tame, but these salons have helped me in more ways than one, so I have put together the salons you must visit for your hair. I’m giving you a list of salons that I recommend and some that my friends recommend. Why don’t you book yourself in at one of these salons, you’ll be thanking us for the pleasure!

Hershesons Harvey Nichols:

A favourite among many friends, this salon came up repeatedly and it’s easy to understand why. This place is brilliant for hairdressing. First, let’s talk about the interior design of the place, it’s bright and open making it a pleasure to have your hair styled there. Then there is the renowned talent the salon boasts, this salon provides you with the best colourists and stylists available. You can even have your nails done alongside your hair with the nail salon inside it. 

Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden

From the moment you walk into the salon you are taken into this modern and sleek realm inside Covent Garden and it also boasts a wonderful crew of stylists. This place is recommended for its excellent hair cuts, colouring and styling. The best part is the service is completely personalised from the moment your hair is washed to the end of your blow-dry. The recommended treatment is the Kératase Fusio Scrub and it’s easy to understand why. Your hairdresser will hand-blend essential oils into an exfoliating treatment – this will replenish your scalp and cleanse your hair at the same time. 


This gem is right near us in Hackney and it’s special for all my environmentalists reading this. This salon is an eco-friendly, all-organic and vegan boutique hair salon. They utilise cruelty-free products and support upcoming brands, such as Oway and Evo. Their core values of sustainability, creativity and inclusivity are to be admired. They even have a genderless policy in place. The very ethos of this salon makes this an honourable place to have your hair done.

instagram: @whiphackney

Hari’s Salon:

This is another emerging go-to hair salon destination in West London. It’s not your typical uptight and refined salon. This salon is beloved because it has a laidback milieu and is seriously low-key. You get all of this without the compromising of the quality of styling and service. While you’re down there getting your hair done, try one of their awesome juices they are quite the treat. 

Four London:

This one is probably the most up-scale salon being recommended on this list. You have top-quality hair stylists in this Mayfair salon. It’s perfect for hair colouring with its vast array of specialists. 

Taylor Taylor London:

This one is my favourite on the list. This salon is hidden in Liberty and it’s a fantastic place to have your hair cut and style. They gave me the most wonderful curls and had me looking fabulous for a club event last year. The luxury décor translates into luxury service. 

instagram: @taylor_taylor_london

Stil Salon:

This Notting Hill salon is worth the hype. Christel Ludqvist has pushed the popular balayage aside and has developed the “prism lights method” which consists of a light reflecting colour effect. It will leave you with luxurious and natural hair. This salon is all about expertise, excellent service and style – all at an affordable price. 

Josh Wood:

Another leading salon in hair colouring, Josh Wood is renowned with many celebrities having their locks coloured here too. This Holland Park salon will leave you with the perfect hair colour to match your personality and style!

Duck & Dry:

Duck & Dry is another place not to be missed for an awesome blow-dry. The party atmosphere is awesome and is perfect for a GNO. 

instagram: @duckanddry

Aveda Institute:

The Aveda Institute is brilliant for textured hair. You will leave the salon satisfied, especially with all the styles you could choose from, and their bespoke blow-dry is not to be missed. 

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