Scrubs for Exfoliator Enthusiasts

If you don’t have a body exfoliator in your weekly routine, you need to find one immediately, since it’s one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine that should not be skipped out on. As you exfoliate, you remove dry or dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, it can help alleviate skin problems and helps you achieve glowing and healthy skin. I have put together some of the exfoliators you need to try out as an enthusiast. 

Herbivore: Coco Rose Body Polish (£32.00) 

This exfoliator is fabulous! It simultaneously exfoliates and moisturises. It’s floral scent is divine and will make you irresistible. The ingredients – virgin coconut oil and Moroccan rose – will promote moisture within the skin and nourish your skin with proteins. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan. What more could you want other than a good skin detox with an animal-friendly scrub?

Jo Malone: Germanium & Walnut Body Scrub (£45.00) 

Whenever you are in need of a good fragrance, Jo Malone is the way to go and they are giving you a divine scent with the Germanium & Walnut Body Scrub. It is gentle enough for regular use. It is honestly a crisp, yet warm, scent and does a might fine job at exfoliating your skin. 

Fresh: Brown Sugar Body Polish (£35.00) 

If you’ve tried the Sugar Face Polish by Fresh, you will love the Brown Sugar Body Polish, too! This formula is pretty straight forward with its high quantities of brown sugar crystals and this formula it gently removes dry, dead and dull skin while minimising the amount of moisture lost. I love the citrus oils and ginseng root that helps brighten the skin and wake you up. You will leave the shower with skin that has the most healthy glow you’ve ever seen!

Ouai Haircare: Scalp & Body Scrub (£32.00) 

At CUB Magazine we love multi-purpose products and that’s why we have to add this Scalp & Body Scrub to the list. This scrub will give your scalp and skin the detox it needs. Again this scrub contains some wonderfully gentle sugar crystals to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. There is also a good dose of coconut oil to condition and replenish the moisture of your skin and some fabulous probiotics that will give you some natural defences against the nasty things the environment can bring. 

& Other Stories: Sardonyx Fire Body Scrub (£11.00) 

I have been using the body scrubs by & Other Stories for years, more for the scents than any other reason but they are also effective scrubs. This sugar scrub has scents of wild vanilla, dark amber and hints of bloom. Your skin feels silky smooth and it brings the most wonderful scent to your bathroom. This scrub prevents loss of moisture with its meadowfoam seed oil. 

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Kiehl’s: Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub, Grapefruit (£27.30) 

This is more of an indulgent and rich body scrub and it does some heavy work at removing all of your dead skin and tries not to over-dry the skin. But be sure to moisturise immediately after this one, because you’re about to become a whole new person with this one. This scrub uses natural exfoliation particles and contains skin-enriching emollients that make sure your skin becomes super smooth. Kiehl’s has three different scents. I am not entirely sold on the Coriander scent, but I can say for sure that the Lavender scent is divine, and the Grapefruit scent takes the win since it is a scent that will wake up you and your skin. 

The Body Shop: Spa of the World Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-in-Oil (£22.00) 

If you want an alternative to sugar scrubs, the Body Shop is providing with this brilliant salt scrub which contains the cupuaçu nut,. This will leave your skin feeling nourished, replenished and smoothed. When your body needs that dose of luxury, apply this and you will be feeling renewed once you leave the shower. 

Aēsop: Geranium Leaf Body Scrub (£27.00) 

Another alternative to sugar body scrubs is this product by Aēsop. The formula includes two grades of milled pumice and micronised bamboo stem; both will help different skin surfaces on the body to be fully exfoliated. The scrub smells and looks wonderful! Other ingredients include mandarin and bergamot oils which help disinfect and purify the skin. The most important ingredient, however, is the geranium leaf oil which will make sure your skin is left feeling calm and soothed. The Geranium Leaf Body Scrub is a must-have if you need help against ingrown hairs and getting rid of the dirt build-up on your knees and elbows. 

Frank Body: Original Coffee Scrub (£6.95) 

The Original Coffee Scrub is a necessity for all of my coffee lovers out there. One of the exfoliants in this scrub are the robusta coffee grinds. They will exfoliate your skin and simultaneously promote blood flow and collagen production. The other exfoliant is sea salt, this is great for its anti-bacterial properties and its ability to fight off flakiness. In turn, this scrub will not only leave you with silky smooth skin, but a reduced appearance of scars and stretch-marks. Oh, and it prevents breakouts, so you need to pick this one up as soon as possible! This scrub also contains sweet almond oil to help hydrate the skin while you’re giving yourself a scrub. 

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Dermadoctor: KP Duty Scrub Celluloscrub (£37.25) 

I highly recommend this scrub if you have keratosis pilaris, known as ‘chicken skin’, which makes the skin on your outer arms and thighs look slightly red, bobbly and prickly to touch. This scrub is infused with willow bark and green tea. The formula combines the benefits of microdermabrasion and a chemical peel that will leave you with revitalised skin. This is a brilliant dual-action exfoliator.

You are now on your way to a brighter skin tone and glowing skin with these exfoliators. Enjoy!

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