Female? Male? Gender Neutral Beauty

Traditional beauty brands are still not moving towards gender neutral packaging to bring in more male consumers even as the market for male grooming expands. The new generation is calling for a different approach when it comes to products and ingredients and brands such as The Ordinary and Non Gender Specific have reported a rise in customers who identify themselves as males. Although, when you peruse the shelves, you’ll still find a divide between male and female skincare with products clearly being labelled, “For Him” or “For Her”.

According to Superdrug, there are quite a few products that are gendered, with skincare being the most gendered of them all. This is followed by beard care, haircare, deodorants and shaving. There is no conclusive evidence that men and women require different skincare needs, brands have just often changed the appearance of products to make some ‘more suited’ for men and others ‘more suited’ for women. As consumer trends change, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that male grooming products are not performing well, this is due to the traditional male marketing. The idea of looking ‘macho’ or ‘manly’ are diminishing in comparison to wanting to look ‘healthy’. 

As the boys from Gen Z have become more comfortable with skincare, upcoming brands and brands that are expanding, are opting for an ingredients-first approach in an appeal to market to all genders through neutrality. These are the brands that are changing how the grooming industry should be available to all genders.

Milk Makeup

The company has created numerous campaigns featuring individuals of all gender identities. The brand largely focuses on its make-up products more than their skincare items. Ultimately, the brand is pushing the concept that beauty products should be available for everyone and anyone. 


If you ever wanted to know who has always been advocating gender-neutrality since the birth of their company, it’s Aesop. They have always pushed some of the most herbaceous products on the market through their minimalistic and universally appealing packaging. Their products will always have a touch of luxury, but they have always pushed their ingredients first, before any other aspect of their products. 

instagram: @aesopskincare

Hunter Lab

The Hunter Lab is all about sustainability, clean formulas and are strongly against animal testing. They are another frontrunner in pushing gender neutral beauty. They take staple products and perfect them. There is an awesome sunscreen stick, a pinot body scrub and this fantastic natural deodorant. These products will fulfil the results you desire!

The Ordinary

In promoting and advertising their products, The Ordinary focuses on the ingredients, rather than the gender and who should be targeted to consume them. Their packaging embodies this, they don’t come up with anything fancy in their labels, they tell you what’s in the product and call it a day. They aren’t to be overlooked when thinking about gender neutral beauty. 

instagram: @deciem


This brand produces four main products, which are their two main body washes, a body lotion and a sex gel. They are all about their ingredients by ensuring their products are free of sulphates, phthalates, silicones, parabens and petrochemicals. A central ethos to the brand is about valuing body care as part of self-care. They push for minimalistic designs and are unassuming, these are a staple in the drive for gender neutral beauty, and are all about good formulas. 

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