January Favourites

Wow, we’ve already reached the end of the first month of the year, how the time flies by. The Style Team here at CUB Magazine have already got so many new products that we have been loving. I have personally fallen in love with so many beauty products (or fallen in love with them again). Be sure to check these products out because we know how good they are!

Glossier: Balm Dotcom (Birthday) (£10.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I finally did another restock on my Glossier products thanks to the pop-up shop in Covent Garden. I got different scents/flavours of lip balm this time. I opted for Original, Coconut and Birthday this time. Birthday is an untinted shade with a little bit of shimmer. I love it because it smells and tastes like birthday cake. This is my go-to product this January because the weather has gotten really dry in recent weeks, so I needed a heavy duty moisturising lip balm, and this formula contains castor oil, beeswax and lanolin. I have now got my dewy, smooth and hydrated lips back.

L’Oréal Paris: Matte Signature Liquid Eyeliner (Greige) (£8.99) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

To say I am obsessed with this eyeliner would be an understatement. If you have read anything I have written about on eyeliner recently, this product will always make an appearance, and it’s easy to understand why. I love the super intense pigment and even easier application. The applicator will leave you with precise lines, and if you don’t like it, just pick up your favourite eyeliner brush and dip it into the product. This month I am obsessed with my latest new colour acquisition from this line. I am not the biggest fan of black eyeliners anymore, so I will choose any colour but black, and grey has become a favourite. You need to check out these liquid liners now!

BohoMoon: Vendettta Engraved Old English Initial Necklace (£5.00) – Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

After being introduced to BohoMoon after a previous monthly favourites article, Roma has been waiting for another of their famous £5.00 sales. She’s found it hard to pick her favourite out of the several pieces she’s order, but this initialised necklace is probably one of the top ones. She loves that they’re made out of stainless steel so she can wear them all the town without worry of them being tarnished.

Glossier: Cloud Paint (Storm) £15.00– Roma Ramsden-Gupta, Style & Beauty Editor

Roma also paid another visit to the Glossier pop up shop after being desperate to try out their Cloud Paint for some time. As a blusher lover, this has become a new favourite for a natural looking but still impactful blush. 

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SUVA Beauty: Hydra FX (Lustre Lilac) (£11.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

Another eyeliner (that isn’t black) that I am currently obsessed with. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill liner. This is water activated cake make-up with a metallic chrome finish. It delivers an awesome punch of colour! It’s an opaque level of intense, it’s also smudge proof and transfer resistant. These are liners that won’t fade until you want to remove it. What makes it even better is that it is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 

& Other Stories: Body Scrub (Perle de Coco) (£11.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I have probably picked up every scent from & Other Stories over the past few years now. We’re in the middle of winter now and I have fragrances that I love for this particular season. Besides my go-to Sardonyx Fire, Perle de Coco is this awesome fragrances for the winter, with its scents of milky coconut, warm vanilla and sweet caramel. This is one of the best scrubs I have found to polish my skin to a silky texture during the winter. 

Essie: Nail Polish (Press Pause, Light Grey) (£7.99) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I have been obsessed with this nail polish colour my friend recommended to me. I mean, I have also had my eye on it every time she wears it, so it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on a bottle of my own. This is a grey nail polish with a cloudy blue tint. Essie polishes are great because they have so many shades to choose from. They also have glossy finishes, spectacular coverage, amazing durability and an awesome brush that fits most nail sizes for streak-free application. 

Charlotte Tilbury: Matte Revolution Lipstick (Bond Girl) (£25.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

This is my favourite lipstick, the lipstick I will always wear as my first option, it’s my soulmate. I have fallen in love with this lipstick all over again since I restocked it a month ago. The Bond Girl lipstick is a natural berry shade and is the best nude for my dark lips. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are wonderful! They are smooth and leave you with a soft matte finish that doesn’t dry out your lips. They are something every beauty fanatic should try out immediately!

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It’s been quite the start to the year for Style here at CUB. Be sure to tune in at the end of February for our February Favourites!

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