Modern Love Stories: Part Two

We met in the summer of 2018 on a cultural exchange programme in Shantou, China. The moment I walked through the door he excitedly came over to introduce himself and invite me to join the group for welcome drinks. Despite being a volunteer, like myself, he gave off an air of confidence that immediately had me smitten.


Nursing our hangovers, we spent the next day getting to know each other. We would bounce off one another in conversations and always had the perfect witty retort. I distinctly remember one of the other volunteers quietly asking whether we hated each other because we had a constant banter. Luckily, we both knew that this ‘teasing’ was just light-hearted flirting. The group gradually whittled away until it was just us, not that we noticed. We continued talking about both everything and nothing until daybreak. This would have to be my favourite memory of us pre-relationship.


After a few hours of sleep, I was woken by one of my friends, it had been decided that a group of us would be going to the beach and she wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out. Whilst most of the group went off in a minibus me, my future partner, and two other girls went ahead with one of the people in charge of looking after us. In a ploy to save money, the staff member had decided that he would drive us part of the way and then we would walk the rest of the way. However, this was lost in translation and once he left us, we walked in the completely wrong direction. After wandering around lost for at least an hour we managed to find the rest of the group, one of whom was not happy to see me. It turns out, she also liked the person I was interested in and felt like I had gotten in the way.


For the rest of the day, she would cling to him and stare daggers at me whenever I would go over to them. Not that he noticed any of this. It wasn’t until he later confronted me for avoiding him that I explained the situation. He seemed to find this hilarious and after laughing for a little while we went on a walk and he expanded that he thought it was cute and he wanted us to be together.


To some, it may be strange that we became a couple after knowing each other four days but for us, it was the only thing that made sense. We quite literally finish each other’s sentences and I know what he’s about to do before he does it. I believe it is absolutely true when people say you will know when you meet ‘the one’. You are simultaneously at ease and anxious: “do they like me?”; “Am I being dumb?”, thoughts such as this rush through your mind and you are filled with euphoria by their sight.


Whilst we have only been together close to two years, I am confident in our future together. He constantly does things that confirm he equally feels the same way – he even moved to South Korea with me!

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