The best RomComs on Netflix to watch this Valentine’s Weekend. Whether you’re on your own, with your friends or with that significant other, these are some awesome movies to make you feel the romance.


You know how almost every girl loves the Notebook? That’s me, only with The DUFF. I absolutely love this movie. It’s funny with a dash of cute and a sprinkle of romance.

The DUFF – Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Not very nice. It doesn’t specifically mean that the person is fat or ugly, but rather this person is the odd one out of a clique. There is a DUFF in every group in this particular high school. And our main girl, Bianca Piper, happens to be one. Wesley – her frenemy since forever and charming neighbour – rudely points out that she is the DUFF in her group of friends. Mad and insulted, Bianca seeks for a change in her final year of high school and definitely before the homecoming dance. Since Wesley was the only one to tell her the truth, she enlists him to help her change; change as in have a better fashion sense and have the confidence to finally ask out a guy she’s had a crush on. Of course, Wesley would never accept to help her without benefitting a little himself, hence Bianca tutors him to better his grades so that he can continue playing on the football team.

From shopping mall trips to planning dates in the boys’ locker room, Bianca is in for a wild ride with Wesley showing her how to live a little.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

We’ve had crushes, right from the age of three, till whatever age we are now. Crushes are a constant from nursery, to secondary school, and eventually to celebrity crushes. But imagine writing letters to each one of them and spilling your feelings, knowing that once you are done, this letter will never see the light of day. Only it does. And they get sent to each and every one of your crushes. That’s what happens to Lara Jean.

All five of her letters get sent to the recipients and to the one person she would never want reading it: her sister’s boyfriend. In comes Peter Kavinsky, who is another one of her previous crushes and Lara’s saving grace. To hide her true feelings from her sister and her boyfriend, Lara spontaneously decides to fake date Peter. What’s in it for him? He’s trying to win over the girl he likes by making her jealous. Just a fabulous and no drama plan. Right? WRONG.

I think we all know where this is going. From cute moments of watching movies to steamy pool scenes, Lara and Peter don’t realise when the acting stops and things begin to get real.


Midnight Sun 

Midnight Sun was my version of The Fault In Our Stars – only it made me cry harder.

Midnight Sun is about a girl who has a particular illness; she can never be exposed to the sun. Growing up with special windows, home-schooled and only allowed at night, Katie Price has had a difficult life. But she’s content with her unique life and amazing dad and best friend. That is until the boy next door finally notices her in an accidental encounter. Katie has had a crush on Charlie for the past decade, in spite of them never meeting and him not even being aware of her existence.

Now it’s the summer before university and he gives her a new outlook on life. From wonderful late night dates, in the city, to spending the night at the beach, Katie gradually begins to live freely. Only catch? She hasn’t told Charlie about her condition yet and her summer romance may just cost her, her life.


Made of Honor

This is such a quintessential romantic movie. It made me sad and  it made me incredibly happy. Our main leads have that kind of romance that’s enriched by ten years of friendship. They’ve known each other for so long that every little quirk about the one an other and all their respective likes and dislikes are mutually understood between the two. It just takes them a long time to discover that the ‘one’ was standing right there in front of them.

This movie takes us on a journey from our guy protagonists’s perspective. He’s that guy – handsome, charming and a modern day Casanova. He’s so against commitment and so against saying those three little words, that he doesn’t realise he’s in love with his best friend until it’s too late, and she’s getting married to another guy.

The ultimate kicker is she makes him her maid of honour.

So what’s a guy gotta do to win over his love’s affection? Sabotage the wedding, make her realise the perfect guy is really the wrong guy, oh and show her that he’s a changed man!

You want a guaranteed happily ever after? This is your go to movie. The happy ending was worth the distress I felt, watching our main girl almost marry the wrong guy.


Two Weeks Notice

I love all Sandra Bullock movies, especially this one. Lucy Kelson is a quirky, liberal lawyer, graduated from Harvard and yet has not gotten the typical corporate job. That is until a fateful encounter with George Wade, a billionaire playboy, who she ends up working for. Only instead of the professional nine to five job, she becomes his therapist, best friend and life advisor. George forgets that Lucy is his lawyer and calls her for everything, from midnight calls to interrupting her at a wedding for a so-called emergency, which ends up being a wardrobe malfunction.

Having enough, Lucy hands in her two weeks notice. And in those two weeks, everything manages to change. We see the struggle they both go through from being apart, not realising how much they have impacted each others’ lives. This movie was hilarious and the ending was amazing, a definite must-watch for this Valentine’s Day.

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