Sinning Never Felt So Good

Despite being someone who advocates hygienic and safe beauty standards, behind closed doors, we have all sinned when it comes to our make-up and skincare. I have quite a few damaging habits, and some of you must commit these sins alongside me. It feels good to know, that even though I know better, I will occasionally commit these sins because they have never felt so good. 

Not Trimming Your Hair

This is my favourite. This is the sin I always commit. This is the one I have been doing all my life and will continue to do this for the rest of my life. The last time I had my hair trimmed is November, and yes I am due for another trim soon, but I know I won’t get it done for another month (when my mother inevitably drags me to the salon to get it done). What can I say? I had one traumatic hair cut and don’t even trust someone to trim my hair at this point. It’s important to give your hair a regular trim, it promotes hair growth, as you’re getting rid of those broken, damaged and split ends. That’s why they keep telling us to make regular appointments, there is no point spending all that money on an awesome haircut otherwise, especially if you can’t keep it healthy and in-check. 

Sleeping With Make-Up On

I may have had too many tequilas when this one happens. If I have had vodka, then I somehow manage to remove my make-up, but I don’t wash my face and just go to sleep. Yes, that is the magic of alcohol and me sleeping with my make-up on. This is probably the worst thing I have ever done to my skin. It won’t have any long-lasting damage to your skin, but you shouldn’t commit this sin if you don’t want clogged pores, which can lead to pimples and attract acne-causing bacteria to your pores. After harbouring oil, germs and dirt that clogs my pores after a night-out I have been blessed with blepharitis and blackheads. What a time to be alive!

Dirty Make-Up Brushes

Yes, after finding out I have blepharitis, I don’t really commit this one anymore. I have become more obsessive about having clean make-up brushes now. Let me remind that even after one day of application, your brushes can still hold a lot of bacteria, and after a while have dirt build up. If you’re reusing the same brushed without giving them a good clean, I will redirect you to this article on why and how you should clean your brushes. Without cleaning your brushes, you are asking for breakouts and skin irritation, after all you’re just spreading bacteria and dirt onto your face. There are dead skin cells on your brushes after you use them, so it’s best to clean them, because a clean brush will ensure that your make-up doesn’t become streaky or patchy when you apply it. 

Used Pillow Cases

I can’t stand a dirty pillowcase anymore, not after what I found out. It usually is the culprit behind your unexpected breakouts and I know it is the culprit behind exacerbating my more cystic pimples. One thing you’re not told is that your pillowcases can contain oil and dirt which will transfer back to your skin during sleep. After that happens you will be prone to more breakouts. So, I urge you to regularly wash your face before you sleep and try to keep those cases clean. Then just to be on the safe side, clean your pillowcases regularly, too!

A Day Without SPF

I am much more diligent about my sunscreen during the summer, come winter time, I suck at it. The sun is out for the entire year, so you need to apply a moisturiser or lotion with SPF to protect yourself from those damaging UVA and UVB rays. You are prone to sun damage at any time the sun is out, so put on some SPF to ensure this doesn’t happen and to help even your skin tone and any discolouration that emerges.

Peeling Off Nail Polish

When I see a chip, I can’t stop picking at it and it is worth it in the moment. However, it can cause weeks of damage to your nails, and you don’t want to weaken your nails because you can’t handle a chip. This habit can remove the top layer of your nail bed, exacerbating the weakening of your nails, so resist the urge to pick at your polish. Just remove your nail polish with nail polish remover… I say… as I pick at the chips writing this article. 

Keeping Dry Mascara

I have to throw away my sister’s mascara every chance I get. She has probably gotten used to me replacing it that she doesn’t ever notice that she needs a new one. It’s important to let go because these tubes have a short life span in the realm of makeup. After three months mascara usually becomes expired, your eyelashes are there to protect your eyes and prevent particles and contaminants entering them. It doesn’t help that you’re encouraging bacteria to come into them by adding it to your lashes. Please pick up a new tube every three months to reduce the risk of getting something nasty on your precious lashes. 

Popping Pimples

A favourite past time of mine. It gives me an immediate satisfaction. It gives me long-term damage, too. This goes for in-grown hairs. This goes for blackheads. This goes for those ripe pimples I find on my cheeks. By popping your pimples you can spread bacteria and pus from the infected pore to surrounding pores in the area, which can cause it to spread, but you also don’t want skin irritation and scars. So, just leave your pimples alone, after scarring my face this week I am going to try to as well. 

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