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Valentine’s Day is approaching us in a few days, and whether you are celebrating it with your lover, your friends, your family or by yourself, let’s celebrate the love in our life whether it’s romantic or platonic. As your in-house beauty writer I’ve found a few make-up looks that you must try out. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too difficult. I am serving up some awesome colours, liners and glitters. You can wear these on your date, galentine’s celebrations or if you’re just in the mood for celebrating some self-love with make-up. 


Let’s start off simple with this rosy look created by @weepeace. It’s pink all over the place: the cheeks, the ears, the nose and the eyes. This look is more editorial with all the pink in all places you can find, but it’s simple enough to be worn throughout the entirety of Valentine’s Day. This is a great look if you want to be more cute than seductive. 

instagram: @weepeace

This look by @agakhanova_liu consists of dusty pink and peachy tones. I think this is another great look if you want simplicity, you just need to pack and blend in some of the colours and add gloss to the lids. I love wearing pink and peaches for date nights because they’re so easy to blend and can add that touch of glamour in such a simple way.

instagram: @@liubovpogorelaphotography

I know, this pink is bordering on the cherry side, but it’s the lightness of the colour that enables it to go into this category. I love how you don’t need any heavy black liner for this look. I prefer to impress through my ability to use colour on my eyelids, not how sharp my liner can be, and this look is mesmerising. 

instagram: @piminova_valery


However, if you do want to wear eyeliner, I have a few other looks you should check out. I am all about changing how we put on our eyeliner, so I think you should try using three different colours to ensure your Valentine’s Day stays on point. 

instagram: @raincornelius

Similarly, you can bring out the colour of your eyes using this awesome bright pink liner, right beneath your lower lash line. It’s quick and easy. We don’t like a stressful Valentine’s Day, so whip out your brush and pull this look together in minutes. 

instagram: @natascha.lindemann


Never be afraid to try different colours, even if Valentine’s Day is all about the pinks and the reds let’s try out the purples as well. I adore this look created using the Flashing Lights Pressed Powder Pigments with that awesome shade of purple under the lower lash line. It also doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of glitter over all of the look too. 

instagram: @kkwbeauty

If there is anything I know, putting purple pigments and gloss together always makes for an awesome look, because it’s simple and effective. It just takes a few strokes of a brush and using your finger to blend it out. 

instagram: @josecorella


A little glitter never killed anybody, but let’s add a whole load of it on the eyelids, obviously being inspired by the glitter looks from Euphoria. Put together a classic cat eye look with glitter and little bit of liner. Just remember that the glitter is the central part of the look!

instagram: @kirinrider

You know your glitter doesn’t have to just sit on your eyelid, you can bring it beneath your eyes and into your brows, pick up some chunky glitter that is eye-safe, and become the eye-catching Valentine you know you are. 

instagram: @brittnymakeup


We all like a bit of red hot colour. I think this red cat eye look is brilliant. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t require much effort. There are so many shades of red, while I’m a fan of fire engine red, the berries and burgundies never get the credit they deserve. You’ll be looking like fine wine, be sure to pair it with a glass of Malbec, and you’ll have an awesome picture for your galentine’s night out. 

instagram: @retouchingacademy

Again, a touch of pink, a touch of red, and the cherry liner come together to make a seriously seductive look. I would opt for pink if you want to look cuter, I would opt for purple if you want to bring out the colour in your eyes and I would opt for red if you want to look sexy. 

instagram: @piminova_valery


If you want to elevate you pink eyeshadow, add a touch of glitter, and make it stand out with a touch of gloss. This look is a gorgeous example of that. You will have that soft sparkle and come out looking like a glossy goddess.

instagram: @natascha.lindemann

Just because you’re wearing pinks, purples or reds, doesn’t mean you need to stick to similar colours when it comes to glitters. By adding a blue glitter it gives that cosmic effect, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day since you want to remind whoever you’re with that you’re out of this world. 

instagram: @weepeace

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