April Favourites

April was a make-up free month for me. I can count the number of times I wore it on one hand. It was all about skincare and accessories for me last month. If you still have assignments and exams, I have got some great products to relieve your skin of the stress. Let’s get into the April Favourites!

Fresh: Black Tea Instanting Perfecting Mask (£29.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

It’s after those long nights I reach for this product after a shower. This mask is ultra-hydrating and leaves you with such smooth skin. My skin feels cool afterwards, it’s perfect for those hot evenings. I have really learned that it’s great to invest in mask that provides moisture alongside the ones that remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores.

Yu Ling Rollers: Rose Quartz Facial Roller (Double) (£36.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

Roma got me a rose quartz jade roller at the CUB Christmas Party. I slipped it into my fridge, added some oil and the next day I was massaging my face for a seriously long time. I have been using it once a week since I received it and it has been really helpful in this stressful month. I can honestly say it has helped my face with its puffiness and has stimulated the blood flow to my face. Even if it didn’t help my complexion, I would still use it as a stress reliever.

Charlotte Tilbury: Full Fat Lashes (£23.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I recommended this in The Mascara Match a few months ago. I recently got another tube of this mascara and it is award-winning for a reason. I adore how my lashes are lengthened, curled and voluminous after a few strokes of the wand. It makes my eyes look a little brighter whenever I am unable to wear make-up for the day.

Olaplex: No. 6 Bond Smoother (£26.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I am guilty of abusing my hair for the past few months. I used so much heat and spent a lot of time styling it. My hair deserved a little bit of extra TLC this month. This is a concentrated leave-in treatment that is brilliant for my current haircare routine and is relatively great for any haircare routine. Whenever I choose to style my hair, I can rely on this product to strengthen and moisturize my hair as I dry my hair. This blow-drying process is also much quicker as it holds together all my flyaways for days on end.

Unite: MAXCONTROL Spray ($28.50) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

This is for those days I need extra strength to hold my hair in place. I was so busy in April that I just needed something to hold my hair together after I blow-dried it. It is brilliant for shaping and styling. It’s a crushable hairspray and helps your hair defy gravity and have complete mastery over each and every lock.

Urban Outfitters: Thick Plated Hoop Earrings (£14.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

This is the one accessory I have been repeatedly wearing throughout quarantine. I can just throw it on and get on with my day as quickly as possible. It feels good to dress it up a little bit during these times.

Be sure to check out the May Favourites soon!

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