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The past year has found me coming face-to-face with my roots, my hair roots, to be exact. I have been on the quest to find some of the best hair oils and treatments to breathe life back into my hair. These products will have you back to healthy hair in no time.

Olaplex: No. 7 Bonding Oil

This hair oil is best for damaged hair. It deeply nourishes your hair while remaining weightless. My hair was transformed by this hair oil after all the styling damage it has experienced over the past few months. It has been formulated to rebuild the damaged bonds in your hair after colouring, styling or bleaching. You can also use this for ‘virgin’ hair. This oil can be used as a styling step or a conditioning treatment.

Percy & Reed: Wonder Overnight Recovery

This hair mask is best for fine hair. It’s truly a fantastic multitasker. You should use this one while your hair is dry and just leave it in your hair overnight to repair dry and damaged hair. Your strands will be rehydrated and nourished by the time you wake up. It contains Natural Pea Protein and Pro Vitamin B5 to give your hair the moisture it deserves.

Shu Uemura: Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

This is an excellent lightweight hair oil. It will restore your hair’s moisture levels really well at the ends. The oil delivers on its promise to protect your hair from harsh UV rays and other troubles while remaining lightweight even on the finest hair. This formula contains camellia oil which helps control frizz and ensures your hair will be healthy and shiny.

Davines: Alchemic Conditioner in Silver Fox

This hair mask is best for coloured, especially blonde, hair. However, it will still do the trick and protect your natural hair, depending on which colour you choose. The formula contains hydrolyzed milk proteins that will deeply moisturize and protect your hair. It also contains colour pigments to enhance and maintain your colour for a long-lasting and vibrant effect.

Living Proof: No Frizz Nourishing Oil

This hair oil is best for thick hair. It has banished my flyaways and frizz. My hair has been left healthier, shinier and smoother. I recommend using this oil on dry hair, but it can also be used when the hair is damp and works on hair that is colour-treated or chemically treated.

Beigic: Damage Repair Treatment Hair Mask

This hair mask is best for hydrating your locks. It’s infused with Vitamin E, green coffee bean oil and argon oil to restore your damaged hair. The nutrients you will get out of this tub will have your hair back to its elasticity. You should apply liberal amounts to your towel-dried evenly and focus on the ends. Leave it in for 10-20 minutes and rinse well.

Moroccanoil: Moroccanoil Treatment

This hair oil is the best for dry and dull hair. It’s brilliant for applying before styling your hair since it’s contains argan oil. This product is also great for conditioning after styling. The oil is great at detangling, speeding up drying time and enhances the shine of your hair.

Davines: Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

This scrub is a wonderful clarifying treatment. This bad boy will cleanse and refresh your scalp. Your scalp needs a little tender loving, too, so don’t neglect it! The scrub will gently remove impurities and build-up. This is great for us since we’re in the city and need a scrub that also removes pollution particles.

Vernon François: Overnight Repair Treatment Oils

The best for 4C Curls.

This hair oil is best for curly hair, even 4C Curls, as it deeply conditions your hair and moisturizes your scalp. The oil is not greasy, is very lightweight and is easily absorbed by the hair. It contains Vitamin E, argon oil, and sweet almond oil to lock in moisture.

Davines: OI Hair Butter

This hair mask is best for thick hair. If you’re looking for a seriously deep condition, then you’ve found it. The mask will replenish your hair and leave it shiny and moisturized. The roucou oil will soothe brittle and frizzy hair.

Remember to treat your hair to some pampering during these trying times. These oils, hair masks and treatments will transform your strands overnight. Let us know what has given you healthy hair again!

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